Saturday, October 08, 2011

Fatima Yahdi airs Allal EL Alaoui from Tangiers

Radio and television are here in Tangier, omnipresent to air fresh news about short films that are participating in Tangier. No doubt, it is a good experience especially for those who have participated for the first time. It is true also that the organization is as handsome as a beautiful woman.

What strike me most is new styles of Moroccan techniques. Yet; Moroccan cinema is trudging a long to be international and famous. It is confirming itself by continuous intransigence of filmmakers and lucid imagination of actors and actresses. it is a warm healthy cinema called already Mediterranean .Surely, Moroccan touch of images will invade the imagination of the audience .fervent laughs will be heard anywhere in Morocco even at SNRT which is eventually represented by two filmmakers Raouf Sabbahi and Allal El Alaoui.CCM have implicitly praised their artistic efforts but explicitly programmed their short films late at night .So, what does CCM mean by that and for whom these images of Morocco will be seen?