Friday, April 20, 2012

Mokhtar Ait Omar,anti Kenitra film-makers

Children of the sun is a short film produced by SNRT and was casted in Kenitra where majority of young actors and actresses were chosen there.This short movie was primed last month by Daralkaram association which really appreciated Allal’s work and therefore his short movie was given the second prize after Amajgag nomination as the first one.

Sebou film festival in kenitra will begin next month spearhead by Mokhtar Ait Omar whose self- hatred to his native town has let him down considerably and this atitude started furious debate between kenitra cinemagoers online.We do not know the reason why Ait Omar does not want to call Allal El Alaoui’s film to be shown on Sebou silver screen festival.

Now it is running via facebook a tough argument between Mokhtar Ait Omar and Allal El Alaoui because apparently Ait Omar stubbornly sticks to his idea the fact this short film named above is banned completely to be among competitors and therefore it must not be in the list of the festival . There is no evident excuse to its participation. This is a funny matter which reminds us of the famous saying of Shakespeare stated “Much ado about nothing”.

Ali Karama