Sunday, April 22, 2012

Media reforms that simple people waits

a hidden hand is trying to help Mr Khalfi team to push media reforms ahead

Suppose that PJD retires from the Moroccan state .The result will be chaos , disaster or even revolution.Rabbah,the minister of transport, has surprised Moroccans with revealing some ‘Ikramiates’ known in French “les agréments’ given by the state itself .This of course has caused a stirred debate in civil society in Morocco.

Now, another putsch is fabricated by the minister of communication which is about a new strategy of Moroccan media. This thinking shakes some “alienated francophones” people of Pascal who disregard our minister’s point of view. They insist to see corrupted media in stead of new things where only those who can not create arts, prevail our television and screens. No way to reform media, states some political Nerorists –refers to Nero, an ambitious Roman politico - .Do they fear Arabic language or its religion or fear simply the rise of Moroccan people?

Yes, definitively we are with Mr Khalfi’s media reforms, although this task seems to be hard because mafia-like people are opposing it. Yes, definitively we are with the freedom of speech and the state should stay aside and let the voice of the simple people be heard . Yes, definitively we are with new artistic programs where true Moroccan culture booms out and be spread in Moroccan’s imagination.Yes, definitively, we are with encouraging of Moroccan Drama where we can see ourselves and obviously mirror Moroccan spirit through our marvellous actors and actresses in condition to help them morally and financially.