Friday, April 27, 2012

Looking green in Morocco

‘Wa mal Al Ghaba Mkalka’ This Moroccan pop song literally means why is our forest angry? Yes, indeed our forest is angry, because we do not have yet have that culture of looking after it, although forests go through mythological fairytales in which the forest can be both a magical realm as well as a place of danger.In Moroccan pop culture, the secret place where our famous mother-Aisha known of its popular name as “Aisha kandisha’ , is the forest.
Horror movies in the west use forests to frighten children and insert fear in their hearts. Unfortunately, these western cartoons or movies penetrate in the imagination of our children and become a dangerous threat and who knows what has recently happened in sportive stadiums in Morocco, could have been direct ‘cause and effects’ or results of this savage violence that we have seen at Al Oula TV set.
All Moroccan media is in Meknes mainly SNRT that makes special scoops on cedar forest found in Ifran.Some colleagues focus on roots of forests, others on its deriving from African sites or Asian ones, but I am emphasizing on its beauty as I am a great fan of image making of the longest forests.

I will talk neither about its security nor its damage because that is the job of home office or the minister of agriculture which means if we divide the name itself becomes agric and culture. And bloody hell, where is the culture of it? Does the minister of Agriculture mediatize suffering from overexploitation and automatically forests are obviously reduced to great amount of loss? As a blogger states “, there are effects on the key role they play in regulating the water regime and the extremely rich biodiversity heritage is under threat.

Great film makers like Andrej Tarkovski utilizes trees as cultural tools to prologue and epilogue his movies (See his film The Sacrifice where an infant sleeps right under a tree where he utters the first name of life, because in the first time of our universe, life begins with the verb as Allah orders it to Adam and some say that God himself has created a tree as his first step to begin his universe. What is more, God is seated to a throne-tree like held by eight angels. For humans and for artists like Tarkovski, trees are sacred and spiritual. Besides, all religions of the world have great respect of trees beginning from Buddha to Mohamed peace upon him.

Horror films, in particular, have exploited forests for dramatic impact. The filmmakers exploit its increasing disorientation where modern gadgets such as mobile phones fail to work. “Boluhush” of Ifran known as The Monster knew very well the impact of the forest because he forced you to experience scary moments of fear and loss. And then he started to project his psychological and physical aggression. We still wait Moroccan film makers to write a movie about this guy and his passion for Ifran forest. According to him, The forest projects full darkness and therefore our monster is full secure there and that’s why police could not, at the first time, capture him. Some film makers refer forest as evil, “a demon spirit possesses the trees in a forest and uses a branch to rape one of the female characters holidaying in a (now a horror cliché) isolated log cabin – a scene that led the film to be classified as one of the first-ever "video nasties" in the UK”.

How can Morocco look green? It is a criterion that the minister of agriculture should have asked itself and bear in mind. This minister should exploit its capacities to call for Morocco film makers to tackle subjects of trees.Otherwise,trees would sleep for ever as they do in south of America ( see the famous demolishing Amazon forests ) and as our saints heroes do like Moulay abdessalam who sleeps under a gigantic tree because apparently he knows its spiritual remedy.

Written by Allal El Alaoui