Saturday, December 03, 2011

Confusions on FIFM about schedulling Moroccan cinema

The emphasis on the choice of film-Najjar after leaking a preliminary news and then undo it and thus preselected for the opening of the festival, and eventually came to the attention of the "morning" to emphasize the participation of "l'amante du Riff" in the official competition, ending a period of confusion and excitement.
However, this abnormal situation leads to the launch of a range of questions and observations legitimate: at first it must be stressed that this volatility and the decline and instability in the decision-making reveals a haphazard or control currents stressful or lobbies on the issue of selection of the film, which is Morocco in the official competition. And that the "Declaration" for the selection of the film Nargis Najjar and then undo it, and eventually return to it reveals that the other considerations involved in the process is far from the seventh art.

Production: tarantula director: Narjiss Nejjar DOP Maxime Alexandre colorist: Peter Bernaers Aya is a beautifull, twenty year old girl, who dreams of love and passion. She's young, reckless and rebelious. Her life changes when her older brother drives her into the arms of a local hashtrafficer, le Baron, whom he works for.