Monday, November 21, 2011

Vers une Nouvelle Vie by Abdellatif Amajgag

Allal-cinemagoer: What is your name?

Abdellatif: Abdellatif Amajgag.

Allal-cinemagoer: your school?

Abdellatif: THB ART media. Casablanca.

Allal-cinemagoer: We have seen your short film. It is a handsome idea about a boy who wants to go abroad illegally but fortunately when he was left alone because he just slept. I like the idea of the painting in your movie .It is an original idea, the fact you have used imagination of the boy. How did your write your film?

Abdellatif: I am a constant observer. The original idea comes through three options:

1- When I was a teenager, I played with a boy whom they have just informed him before me that his mother has just died. This boy reacts badly to this news. He goes up in the terrace to throw himself in order to end his life.But; he just could not do it.

2- When I was travelling by train, it stopped in Kenitra.The controller came down to look for a boy under the wheels of the train. It was a strange seen sealed in my head.

3- I travelled a lot to the north of Morocco. I noticed that too many small children sell tissues in order to have money. Thus, to go abroad with it illegally of course.

Then ; I began to shape the idea of my movie” Towards a new life” .I choose by myself my actors like Leila Fadili, Hatim assidiki,Jala Abdelghani and Mehdi Alouane.Voiceover was played by Amine Naji.Music was composed by Osama Al Moda.

Allal-cinemagoer: I presume you have got many awards?

Abdellatif: Yes, indeed. I got about 16 awards. The interesting one was gotten from Chefchaoun where Abdurrahman Tazi was the head of the jury. It was a good experience.