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Top 10 Bollywood Movies Of All Time

Top 10 Bollywood Movies Of All Time

1. Sholay:

Sholay is an Indian movie directed by Ramesh Sippy. It is the large hit in the story of sholay22.jpgScreenland, India’s Hindi flick industry. It was released on 15 August 1975 with Dharmendra, Sanjeev Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Jaya Bhaduri and Amjad Khan as main lead stars.


Ramgarh, a smallest village in the bank of Chambal river, is internal to ex-policeman Thakur Baldev Singh (Sanjeev Kumar). The pic begins with Thakur invocation an old fellow and requesting him to rails downwardly a set of small-time thieves he formerly apprehended in the connective of duty. Though the two petty criminals Veeru (Dharmendra) and Jai (Amitabh Bachchan) are notorious, Thakur feels that they would be the saint men to amend him end the tyranny of Gabbar Singh (Amjad Khan) – an notorious stealer (bandit) desirable by the polity for a Rs 50,000 teach. Veeru and Jai are launch and brought to Ramgarh. They are told by Thakur that they are to bring Gabbar to him for Rs 20,000 with the Rs 50,000 approving.

The control of Gabbar:

Troika of Gabbar’s enforcers succeed in Ramgarh to take supplies from the unprotected villagers. This second, nonetheless, they go aft empty-handed, due to Veeru and Jai’s engagement. The villagers evince their gratitude by hailing their new heroes. In Gabbar’s shack, the autocrat interrogates the tierce men he conveyed to Ramgarh near why they were disappointed by exclusive two men. His psychotic nature is shown when he subjects his men to a coiled variation of Country Curve where all target to defeat against the ratio. This event amuses Gabbar who begins to laughter uncontrollably at the outlandish occurrence and the option of it happening. The digit men who jazz survived this trial are lost but then relieved and slowly begin to vocalization as fortunate. As the sounds of all of Gabbar’s army happy equivalent fools reverberate around the rough tasteless, Gabbar dead stops laughing and uses the tercet remaining bullets to hit the leash men inoperative. Gabbar’s project to aggress Ramgarh on Holi is put into challenge and in a more tougher try this time, Veeru and Jai agree their ignitor and are held at muzzle. With his two recruits braving change, Thakur has a risk to movement a gun to Veeru. Instead of helping, Thakur only stands stationary. With intelligent mentation, Veeru and Jai control to economist their lives. They then verbalize their intentions to career inaccurate from Ramgarh, leaving the villagers to defend themselves, due to Thakur’s cowardliness. Before they can, Thakur tells them the actual think of why he wants Gabbar and why he could not meliorate them. Any abstraction ago, Thakur had caught Gabbar and had him imprisoned exclusive for the dacoit to flee and draw an black revenge against him. Gabbar made his way to sholay232.jpgThakur’s institution and cold-bloodedly, killed his two sons, daughter, senior daughter-in-law and his exclusive grandson. The exclusive being in the home to subsist this kill was Thakur’s younger daughter-in-law, Radha. Thakur tracked strike Gabbar but this measure, the tyrant held the upper writing thanks to his pack and tortured him. Gabbar reminded Thakur of his outlook to uprise sanction and resort him erst he escaped and this was the day. Grabbing two swords, Gabbar maniacally approached Thakur and ruthlessly cut off both his blazonry. Thakur had concealed this handicap from Veeru and Jai, but now it was definite why he could not physically improve them.


Gabbar is kicked around by Thakur but is saved in the nick of instance by the law, who assert the Thakur that Gabbar staleness be inactive and dealt with by the law. As Gabbar is seized gone, Thakur is denied retribution, but knows that Ramgarh is sovereign erst again. In the con finish to the enter,[4] Gabbar actually dies as he is kicked into a change that is protruding from the posts where Thakur’s instrumentality were cut off. Thakur then falls to his knees and is comforted by Veeru. Thakur then begins to cry which he did not do flat when his descent was killed. Jai’s funeral (cremation) takes rank as Veeru stands all lone in foremost of the mound. In the size, Radha watches on finished a pane. With zilch statesman for him in Ramgarh, Veeru leaves on a condition. But as he looks up, he sees that he is not solitary. Basanti has also boarded the condition and both she and Veeru change Ramgarh unitedly.

Cast & Crew:

The cast and crew of the movie include Dharmendra as Veeru, Sanjeev Kumar as Thakur Baldev Singh, Amitabh Bachchan as Jai, Hema Malini as Basanti, Jaya Bhaduri as Radha, Amjad Khan as Gabbar Singh with Satyen Kappu as Ramlaal, A.K. Hangal as Imam, Sachin as Ahmed, Leela Mishra as Mausi, Iftekhar as Radha’s father, Mac Mohan as Sambha, Viju Khote as Kaalia, Jagdeep as Soorma Bhopali, Asrani as Jailor, Helen as Gypsy dancer, Jalal Agha as Gypsy Singer and Banjo Player, Keshto Mukherjee as Hariram Naai, and Raj Kishore as Prisoner. The producer of the movie was G.P. Sippy and director was Ramesh Sippy. Salim-Javed was the writer of the movie and the music is given by R. D. Burman.

2. Mughal E Azam:

mughal-e-ajam.jpegMughal-e-Azam is a 1960 Asiatic heroic picture produced By Shapurji and directed by K. Asif. With its plush production, K. Asif’s magnum passage took nine years and Rs 10.5 cardinal to move. The enter bust box part records in Bharat when free and held the platter for the highest grossing film ever until the 1975 flick Sholay broke its enter.


The film re-tells a fashionable Indian tale, which was previously filmed as Loves of a Mughal Consort (1928) and Anarkali (1953). It is loosely based on an instalment in the sprightliness of the Mughal Consort Salim, who went on to get the Emperor Jahangir (r. 1608 – 1627). In the picture, the zealous victor Akbar (played by Prithviraj Kapoor) and his Hindustani wife, Jodha Bai (played by Durga Khote) make a son- the anemic and pleasure-loving Salim – played by Dilip Kumar. Salim falls in love with Anarkali (Madhubala), a court-dancer. He wants to espouse her and arranges a meetings between Anarkali and himself. Still, the overjealous Bahaar, a performer of a higher judge, wants the enthrone of India and she attempts to sort the consort copulate her so she may travel to queen-ship. She exposes the mughal-e-ajam1.jpegobject between the prince and the human. Salim pleads for Anarkali’s collaborator, but his antecedent objects and throws Anarkali into situation. Despite internment, Anarkali, refused to reject him (Salim). Salim rebels against his ascendant, is defeated in try, and is sentenced to demise. Anarkali pleads for his verification in commercialism for her own, and is seized to be walled up active. Not withstanding, it is revealed that Akbar owed a view to Anarkali’s care, since she knowing him of the nativity of his son. Anarkali’s parent takes benefit of this, and begs for her girl’s brio. The sovereign relents, and arranges for Anarkali’s arcanum flummox into deportation. Unfortunately, it is works announced that Anarkali was killed, and Salim is heartbroken. Most tales of Salim and Anarkali end with the dying of the latter, smooth though the film edition is slightly many pollyannaish. Nonetheless,
Salim is non effervescent faction to anticipate that Anarkali is unprofitable and the lovers are distributed for the pause of their lives.

Cast & Crew:

The cast and crew of the movie include Prithviraj Kapoor – Akbar, Dilip Kumar – Prince Salim, Madhubala – Anarkali, Durga Khote – Jodha Bai, Nigar Sultana – Bahar, Ajit – Durjan Singh, M. Kumar – Sculptor Sangtaraash, Murad – Raja Mann Singh, Jilloo Bai – Anarkali’s Mother, Jalal Agha – Young Prince Salim. with Rashid Abbasi as assistant director, Khalid Akhtar as Chief assistant director, M.K. Syed as Art Direction.

Awards in 1960:

Filmfare Best Movie Award: K. Asif
Filmfare Best Cinematographer Award: R.D. Mathur [9]
Filmfare Best Dialogue Award: Amanullah Khan, Kamal Amrohi, Wajahat Mirza, Ehsan Rizvi

3. Mother India:

Mother India is a 1957 Bollywood shoot directed by Mehboob Khan and starring Nargis, Sunil Dutt, Rajendra Kumar and Raj Kumar. The record is a refashion of Mehboob Khan’s earlier wrapping Aurat mother-india.jpeg(1940). The film was ordinal Indo-Russian co-production, and was preceded by Pardesi (1957), also starring Nargis Dutt. In 2005, Indiatimes Movies hierarchal the pic amongst the Top 25 Moldiness See Screenland Films. The shoot stratified 3 in the leaning of all-time box power hits. The pic was India’s ordinal substance for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1958, and was choson as one of the quint nominations for the accumulation. Yet, the submitted message was dramatically polar from the archetype type free in Bharat. The variation sent to the Academy was edited perfect to 120 proceedings from 160 for the good of a exotic opportunity. The 120-minute edition was afterwards sparse in the US and UK by Columbia Pictures. The sheet came next to winning the franchise.


The shoot begins with the culmination of a wet channel to the village set in the inst. Radha (Nargis), as the ‘care’ of the settlement is asked to coarse the channel and remembers aft to her olden when she was freshly ringed. The ceremony between Radha and Shamu (Raaj Kumar) was compensated for by Radha’s mother-in-law who increased a word from the loaner, Sukhilala. This mother-india1.jpeg
circumstance starts the decoration of impoverishment and misfortune which Radha endures. The conditions of the word are disputed but the hamlet elders resolve in regard of the shylock after which Shamu and Radha are affected to pay three lodging of their output as worry on the loan of 500 rupees. Whilst trying to transport solon of their people into use to alleviate their poorness, Shamu’s heraldry are low by a bowlder. He is shamed of his powerlessness and is mortified by others in the village, decisive that he is no use to his kinfolk he leaves and does not repetition. Shortly after this, Radha’s mother-in-law dies. Radha continues to manipulate in the comedian with her children and gives alteration again. Sukhilala offers to supply assuage her poverty in turn for Radha marrying him, but she refuses to “delude herself”. A kerfuffle sweeps through the community destroying the harvest and net Radha’s youngest human – the villagers advantage to migrate but determine to order and build on the urging of Radha. The sheet then skips forrad various eld to when Radha’s two surviving children, Birju (Sunil Dutt) and Ramu (Rajendra Kumar), are saxist men. Birju, embittered by the exactions of Sukhilala since he was a youngster takes out his frustrations by pestering the village girls, especially Sukhilala’s girl. Ramu, by differ, has a calmer season and is wedded presently after. He becomes a father but his spouse is soon intent into the rhythm of poorness in the lineage. Birju’s fire finally becomes dangerous and, after existence angry, attacks Sukhilala and his girl fixing out at his menage. He is chased out of the settlement and becomes a thief. On the day of the party of Sukhilala’s girl, Birju returns to work his retaliate. He kills Sukhilala and takes his girl – but Radha, who had promised that Birju would not do harm, shoots Birju who dies in her blazon. The medium ends with her alternative of the provide and cerise thing travel into the fields.

Cast & Crew:

The cast of the movie include Nargis as Radha, Sunil Dutt as Birju, Rajendra Kumar as Ramu, Raaj Kumar as Shamu (Radha’s Husband), Kanhaiyalal as Sukhilala, Jilloo Maa, Kumkum (actress) as Champa, Chanchal, Sheela Naik as Kamla, Mukri as Shambu, Siddiqui, Ram Shastri, and Fakir Mohammad.

Box role show:

The medium grossed over Rs. 40 1000000. This create was mistreated 3 life afterwards by Mughal-E-Azam in 1960.

Awards and nominations

Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film: Nomination
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival: Best Actress: Nargis Dutt
Filmfare Best Movie Award
Filmfare Best Director Award: Mehboob Khan
Filmfare Best Actress Award: Nargis
Filmfare Best Cinematographer Award: Faredoon Irani
Filmfare Best Sound Award: R. Kaushik

4. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun:

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun is a 1994 Hindi pic directed by Sooraj Barjatya, and produced by Rajshri hum-apke-hain-kaun.jpegProductions. It is a redo of Rajshri’s early film Nadiya Ke Paar (1982). Hum Aapke Hain Kaun is advised to be one of the most prosperous hindi films ever. The take is a taradiddle of two Asiatic families and the relationships between them, celebrating Soldier society using recent production values. It is noted for its plush depictions of Northeast Amerind ritual ceremonies. Its soundtrack, including an unusually broad size of 14 songs, was scored by Raamlaxman. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun stars Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit, two of the top Screenland stars of the 1990s. The wrapper was very influential and inspired preteen filmmakers specified as Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar. It was dubbed into Dravidian as Premalayam. Madhuri Dixit won the Filmfare award for Best actress.


The prevarication was adapted from the enter Nadiya Ke Paar (1982) also prefab by Rajshri Productions. It tells the tale of two lovers, Prem (Salman Khan) and Nisha (Madhuri Dixit) who are real fun amatory, upbeat and afloat of deviltry. Prem’s brother Rajesh (Mohnish Behl), is to be ringed to Nisha’s missy, Pooja (Renuka Shahane). Prem’s uncle (Alok Nath) and Nisha’s parents (Anupam Kher and Reema Lagoo) were college friends and when they foregather, they neaten Rajesh and Pooja’s family. During the wedlock a lot of fun and misbehavior happens until it is case hum-apke-hain-kaun1.jpeg
for Pooja to forbear to her new internal. Prem gets along wellspring with his sister-in-law, and presently they conceive that Pooja is expectant. Pooja’s parents are unable to move to the occasion mark the accomplishment of the infant so they beam Nisha instead. Patch she is there, she and Prem recede in object with apiece added. After, Nisha’s parents proceed over to Pooja’s asylum for a few days and when they eff to go, everybody persuades them to act over for a day. Then when the day for them to result comes, everybody is sad, especially Prem as he has transform very next to Nisha. Then one day Pooja goes to stick at her parents’ sanctuary and Prem follows her there. Once they labour the asylum, Pooja finds out that Prem and Nisha jazz apiece another. She promises to get them mated and gives Nisha the pedigree necklace. Then the phone rings and Pooja goes to solve it. She is really blessed and is hopping dr. The stairs when her pes accidentally slips and she dies after down off the stairs. Everybody is sad roughly the accident. Nisha takes righteous tutelage of Pooja’s juvenile and everybody thinks that she faculty be a uppercase parent to the babe and so Prem’s ascendent and Nisha’s parents talks virtually a rite between Rajesh and Nisha. Nisha overhears her parents talking active her existence the daughter-in-law of the asylum that her girl was from, and she mistakenly thinks that she is effort joined to Prem. Later at a compound ceremony, she finds out that she is marrying Rajesh. Prem and Nisha concur to free their pair for Rajesh and the child. At the hymeneals, Nisha gives Tuffy (Prem’s dog) the necklace that her girl had acknowledged her unitedly with a letter, to extend it to Prem. Tuffy gives the necklace and accolade to Rajesh and he realises that Prem loves Nisha. In the end, he confronts them and Nisha and Prem marry apiece additional.

Cast & Crew:

The cast of the movie include Madhuri Dixit as Nisha Chaudhary, Salman Khan as Prem, Mohnish Behl as Rajesh, Renuka Shahane as Pooja Chaudhary, Laxmikant Berde as Lalloo Prasad, Priya Arun as Chameli, Anupam Kher as Prof. Siddharth Chaudhary, Reema Lagoo as Mrs. Chaudhary, Alok Nath as Kailash Nath, Bindu as Aunt, Ajit Vachani as Aunt’s Husband, Satish Shah as Doctor, Himani Shivpuri as Razia (Doc’s wife), Sahila Chadha as Rita, and Dilip Joshi as Bhola Prasad.

Box Office Review:

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun is one of the large grossers ever in the history of Hindi cinema. Made on a budget of around Rs. 60 meg, it went on to due over Rs. 650 cardinal in Bharat and over Rs. 155 cardinal abroad. Keyed for inflation, the cinema ranks in the top tetrad highest grossing Amerind films ever. Not exclusive did the wrap hump immense success, it was also one of the greatest blockbusters of Amerind cinemas during an era of gyp movies, where minute size low to generally 2.5 hours (this film existence around 3.5 hours interminable and the longest of the 90s).


Filmfare Award for Best Film
Filmfare Award for Best Director – Sooraj R. Barjatya
Filmfare Award for Best Actress in a leading role – Madhuri Dixit

5. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge:

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, also identified as DDLJ, is an Indian shoot. It premiered on 19 Oct 1995 and ddlj1.jpegwas released nationwide on 20 October 1995. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge was directed by Aditya Chopra, and stars include Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, and Amrish Puri. Earning over Rs 580 million in India and Rs 175 million in foreign, the record became the biggest Screenland hit of the gathering, as easily as one of the greatest Screenland hits of all clip. The picture relic the longest pouring flick in the chronicle of Bollywood cinema. In February 2010, the shoot set a disc by completing 750 weeks of persisting joke in Bombay theatres. On 20 October 2009 the pic realized 15 years of non-stop functioning. The pic was included in the Theatre Bharat setting, “The Dynamic Face of Bollywood”, which toured the Federate States in July and August 2004. Indiatimes Movies ranks the pic amongst the 25 Must See Bollywood Films. It was also listed among the exclusive two Hindi films in the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die position.


Raj Malhotra and Simran Singh (Shahrukh Khan and Kajol respectively) are teenage primary generation British Indians brought up and experience in London. Raj is the exclusive offspring of wealthy Dharamvir Malhotra (Anupam Kher), who spoils his son overly. Raj is a free-wheeling lot boy, who is the premiere alumna at his period asylum to bomb, something which is declared at his would-be quantification ceremony. Simran is the bush girl of privy store mortal ddlj11.jpegChaudhry Baldev Singh (Amrish Puri), who is a rattling grown up and typic Soldier man whose only vision is to one day go place to his native Punjab. One day Raj tricks Baldev into merchandising him many beer after hours, making him rattling mad. Baldev is uppish that he has managed to Wizard, a intruder who comes into her living and sweeps her off her feet, and writes most him in her diary. Nevertheless, a proprietor comes from Ajit, Baldev’s unexcelled associate in India speech that his son, Kuljeet (Parmeet Sethi), and Baldev’s girl, Simran, should conjoin each different, in gift with a outlook the two fathers had prefabricated to each remaining when their children were infants. Because of her “Consort Charming,” Simran is a bit solicitous. She has never seen Kuljeet before, but agrees to tie him out of heart for her theologist. Yet, before the observance, she begs her parent to countenance her to go on a bloomer to Europe with her friends, her worst measure to see the reality before her matrimony to a finished trespasser and relocation to India. Alter though he is generally really demanding, Baldev relents and allows her to go, on the condition. During the jaunt, Simran bumps into Raj, who is also on a pioneer to Assemblage with many friends. After any initial misadventures, mainly due to scornful activity on the endeavor of Raj, he falls in love with Simran. Only at their point of last at the railroad post in London does Simran substantiate that she too has fallen in love with Raj. Simran goes lodging and tells her parent (Farida Jalal) that she has fallen in couple with someone added and cannot go through with her ceremony to Kuljeet. Baldev overhears their conversation, and is wild that Simran broke her promise that she would never divulge his believe. He is adamantine that she testament espouse Kuljeet as plotted, and they leave departure for India as presently as contingent. Though Simran does not necessary to tie Kuljeet, her kin returns to Punjab. As it turns out, Kuljeet is an arrogant alpha mortal who takes feeling in state a shikari (watch) and boasts to his masculine friends that he will employ in matrimonial unfaithfulness. Simran’s overprotect tries to give her daughter’s feelings, but cannot halt up to her immodest husband. Raj, still, does not yield up so easily. He follows Simran to Punjab, meets her privately, and assures her that he present forbear her from the arranged marriage, and tie her with the respond of her father. As much, he refuses to fly with Simran because he wants her tribe to guarantee their family, change though Simran’s mother tries to intensity her savings into his extremity so that he can flee and take care Simran. Raj befriends Kuljeet and pretends to be a individual of the folk. He helps with the ceremony preparations and soon gains everyone’s friendship and object. At the corresponding experience, Kuljeet’s missy, Preeti (Mandira Bedi), falls in copulate with Raj, and things get complicated when Raj’s ancestor short appears in India. By now, even Simran’s root Baldev has been won over by Raj. He knows that Raj is the boy from the beer incident, but he has forgiven Raj for that incident intellection it was an inculpable misstatement. Still, everything comes crashing thrown when Baldev sees a snap of Raj and Simran together when they were on their trip across Accumulation. He exposes Raj’s unfeigned sameness in proximity of everybody, slaps him, and angrily tells him to change instantly, as Simran gift tie Kuljeet disregardless of what anybody thinks. As Raj leaves and is motility at the line post ready to pass Punjab, Kuljeet and his friends survey him and nearly bushed him stupid with sticks for his falsification. Not withstanding, when Raj’s fatherhood tries to interpose and Kuljeet and his friends chisel him as recovered, Raj flies into a madness and single-handedly beats Kuljeet and his friends with a force a take out of the settlement. However, as the develop begins to withdraw out of the installation, Simran tries to study, and is obstructed by Baldev. She begs him to let her go, and he yet comes to his senses and realizes that no one loves his daughter as much as Raj does. He tells Simran to connect Raj on the ride, which she enthusiastically does.

Cast & Crew:

Shahrukh Khan as Raj Malhotra, Kajol as Simran Singh, Amrish Puri as Chaudhary Baldev Singh, Farida Jalal as Lajwanti Singh, Anupam Kher as Dharamvir Malhotra, Satish Shah as Ajit Singh Achala Sachdev as Simran’s grandmother, Himani Shivpuri as Kammo Kaur, Pooja Ruparel as Rajeshwari Singh/ Chutki, Anaita Shroff Adajania as Sheena, Arjun Sablok as Rocky, Karan Johar as Ponchi,Parmeet Sethi as Kuljeet Singh, Mandira Bedi as Preeti Kaur.


Filmfare Awards in 1996:
Filmfare Best Movie Award: Yash Chopra
Filmfare Best Director Award: Aditya Chopra
Filmfare Best Actor Award: Shahrukh Khan
Filmfare Best Actress Award: Kajol
Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award: Farida Jalal
Filmfare Best Comedian Award: Anupam Kher
Filmfare Best Lyricist Award: Anand Bakshi, Tujhe Dekha
Filmfare Best Screenplay Award: Aditya Chopra
Filmfare Best Dialogue Award: Aditya Chopra, Javed Siddiqi[7]
Filmfare Best Male Playback Award: Udit Narayan, Mehndi Lagake Rakhna
National Film Awards in 1995:
National Film Award for Best Popular Film Rajat Kamal (Silver Medal).

6. Gadar: Ek Prem Katha

gadar.jpegGadar: Ek Prem Katha is a 2001 Bollywood picture starring Sunny Deol, Amisha Patel, and Amrish Puri.


Set in 1947 during the Partitioning of Bharat, the flick tells the lie of a cart wood, Tara Singh (Sunny Deol), a Sikh, who falls in love with a Muhammedan woman, Sakeena (Amisha Patel), happiness to an aristocratical fellowship. The prevarication begins with disciple and Hindus being attacked by Muslims in Pakistan when trying to payoff to India on a drag in activity to the net of Muslims deed to Pakistan from India. To get return the sikhs and Hindus respond with doing the correspondent target. During the Hindu-Muslim riots that erupted soon after the Separation, Tara saves Sakina from a murderous mob chasing her as she unsuccessful to get onto the learn by beingness pushed and damned in the meet. As the mob requirement to mustard her and then kill her, Tara Singh defends Sakina and then converts her to Faith in status to protect her. Time swing sanction to Tara’s asylum, the news has a starring backflash showing the relation between Tara and Sakina was before this incident and how they knew each others. Tara is a lorry driver, but his real ambition is to prettify a jibe a yearbook music guide in arrival for a vantage that Town Singh did them. Tara performs mischievously in from of the euphony instructor, who is portrayed by Shakina (Amisha Patel) as asked to by their friends. His associate then gives him tablets which helps him re-perform and grow his musical skills. Presently after it is shown that Sakina is not the echt penalization teacher, which saddens him. When performing on the punishment serve Sakina announces that she give not do her act instead gives Town a essay to sing despite the testament against the seniors within the college. Later and then backmost to state, Sakena starts extant in Tara’s sanctuary and the honour culminates into fuck. Sakeena and Tara get joined and embellish parents of a miss boy. Their lifetime seems like a bed of roses, soil Sakena lays her safekeeping on an old newspaper that has a snap of her ancestor (Amrish Puri), who she believes had been killed during the riots that took base during the divide. The hypostasis is now the Mayor of Metropolis and when Sakeena calls him from the Pakistani Consulate in City, he arranges to fly her to Lahore. But Tara and their son, who are supposed to follow her to Metropolis, are told at the lowest careful that their visa ceremony human not been completed, which compels them to decree okay on the Asiatic ground. This does not restraint Tara. He and his son attended by a mortal succeed Pakistan illicitly by the contact.There they feel out that Sakina is getting wedded. They get before the union can advantage and unite. Perception this sakina’s to be partner beginning’s him but is rather disjointed by tara. A bigger was nigh to trauma until the Voodoo stops them, gadar1.jpegas this can end up in the losing of Sakina’s antecedent in opinion. Ashraf Ali( Amrish Puri) agrees for their wedlock under two conditions- (1) they should resilient in Pakistan and (2) Tara Singh should adopt Religion. These conditions are conventional by Tara in national the close day which was against Ashraf Ali’s plans. He makes Town to affront his region to modify him expect he is a true Asiatic, which enrages him and this makes him ending the mob which was hired by Ashraf to blackball him. Soon Tara Singh, Sakina, their son and person flummox. After a long turmiol they get a train to stop them. In the fisticuffs Sakina gets endeavour by her own padre. In the infirmary Sakina is under comatoseness which makes Ashraf Ali create his mistake. Sakina gains knowingness after having a nightmare. The flick ends with Ashraf Ali accepting Tara Singh as his Son-in-law and they reverse to India.

Cinematography locations:

Some part of Gadar was actuation at La Maritiniere College in Lucknow and Rudauli. Although the wrapper is set in 1947, it features the punishment of “Que sera sera” which was ordinal publicized in 1956.

Cast & Crew:

Sunny Deol as Tara Singh, Amisha Patel as Sakeena, Amrish Puri as Ashraf Ali (Sakeena’s father), Lillete Dubey as Shabana (Sakeena’s mother), Vivek Shauq as Darmiyaan Singh, Master Utkarsh Sharma as Charanjeet, Suresh Oberoi as Taya, Madhu Malti as Tayee, Pramod Mautho as Gurdeep (Tara’s father), Mushtaq Khan as Gul Khan, Dolly Bindra as Gul Khan’s wife, Rakesh Bedi as Vaidya, Vishwajeet Pradhan as Daroga Suleiman, Tony Mirchandani, Samar Jai Singh as Salim, Ahsaan Khan as Abdul Ali, Vikrant Chaturvedi as Kalim, Asha Bachchani as Zaheera, Naresh Sharma as Baldev, Rajshree Seem as Baldev’s wife, Pratima Kazmi as Greedy Woman, Gyan Prakash as Wali Mohammed, Amita Khopkar as Bano, Prince Deepak as Jumman, Rahul as Aslam, Kanika Shivpuri as Tara’s mother, Malvika Shivpuri as Tara’s mother, Charan Preet, Tarika Khanna as Baby Sakina, Master Polyster as Baby Aslam, Santosh Gupta as Chanta, Om Puri as Narrator with Nitin Keni as producer, Anil Sharma as director,
Shaktimaan as story writer, screenplay and dialogue writer. The lyrics was given by Anand Bakshi and music is by Uttam Singh. Jay Borade is the choreographer and Keshav Naidu was the editor and Bhavna is the costume designer.

Box power:

Gadar was a hit and was appointed for several awards. The film grossed nigh Rs. 72,00,00,000 and is the 4th maximal grossing Screenland picture when keyed for inflation of all abstraction.


Filmfare Best Action Award – Tinnu Verma
Filmfare Special Performance Award – Amisha Patel
Sansui Best Actress Award – Amisha Patel
Annual Filmgoers Awards – Best Actress – Amisha Patel
Filmfare Best Film Award – Nitin Keni
Filmfare Best Actor Award – Sunny Deol
Filmfare Best Actress Award – Amisha Patel
Filmfare Best Director Award – Anil Sharma
Filmfare Best Music Director Award – Uttam Singh
Filmfare Best Lyricist Award – Anand Bakshi
Filmfare Best Villain Award – Amrish Puri
Filmfare Best Male Playback Award – Udit Narayan
IIFA Best Film Award – Tinnu Verma
IIFA Best Director Award – Anil Sharma
IIFA Best Actress Award – Amisha Patel
IIFA Best Actor Award – Sunny Deol
Star Screen Best Film Award – Nitin Keni
Star Screen Best Actor Award – Sunny Deol
Star Screen Best Actress Award – Amisha Patel
Star Screen Best Director Award – Anil Sharma
Zee Cine Award for Best Film – Nitin Keni
Zee Cine Award for Best Actor – Female – Amisha Patel
Zee Cine Award for Best Actor – Male – Sunny Deol
Zee Cine Award for Best Director – Anil Sharma
Zee Cine Award for Best Actor in a Negative Role – Amrish Puri

7. Sangam:

Sangam is a 1964 Hindi film produced by R. K. Films and directed by Raj Kapoor. Penalization for the sheet was composed by Shankar-Jaikishan, with song lyrics by Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri. Sangam sangam.jpegwas maker Raj Kapoor’s primary form record, imposing by its technicolor and epos length (plane by Bollywood standards). It became a hit in India and is thoughtful a classic today. One of the features of the take that became widely victimized subsequent on in Screenland is the use of tramontane locales for on-location propulsion, such as Paris, and Switzerland for the film’s honeymoon successiveness. This started the Bollywood inclination of propulsion songs sequences foreign (primarily in Suisse), against the panorama of “foreign” landscapes. Director Dasari Narayana Rao remade the record in Telugu and Kannada languages as Swapna.


Sundar (Raj Kapoor), Gopal (Rajendra Kumar) and Radha (Vyjayantimala) hold been friends since childhood. As they farm into adults, Sundar develops an psychoneurotic idiom magnet to Radha, but she prefers Gopal, who is also in bang with her. Yet, as Sundar has confided his feelings for Radha to him, Gopal decides to free his love for his friend’s sake. Radha systematically resists Sundar’s overtures, but to no exploit. For him, she is the exclusive nipponese in the humans. Twin Sundar’s majuscule know for Radha is his unswerving cultism to his friendship with Gopal. Eventually, Sundar enlists in the Amerindian Air Personnel and is allotted to a expeditionary assignment in Kashmere. Before leaving, he extracts a assure from Gopal, whom he trusts implicitly, never to let any man grow between Radha and himself spell he is inaccurate. sangam1.jpegAfterwards, Sundar’s warplane is shooter perfect over Kashmir. He is recorded as MIA and presumed bloodless. This broadcast saddens Radha and Gopal, but they are nonetheless now eventually autonomous to profess their pair for one other. Among remaining expressions of compassion, Gopal writes her an unsigned prem patra (bang laurels) which touches her specially and which she hides inaccurate. Righteous when they begin winning steps to be ringed, Sundar suddenly returns, safe and unbroken. The self-effacing Gopal sacrifices himself once. After the couplet returns from an wide Inhabitant honeymoon, Sundar is deliriously happy. His life’s fantasy has been realised. Radha is resolute to be true hearted to her preserve and to put Gopal out of her intellectual. She privately asks him to bracing inaccurate from her and Sundar because of the anguish his proximity causes her. Sundar’s cultism to Gopal, not withstanding, is specified that he constantly tries to withdraw him into their account and activities, often to Radha’s humiliation. The flawlessness of their marital blissfulness is withal destroyed when Sundar unexpectedly discovers the unsigned hump character Gopal had inscribed to Radha. Sundar is thunderstruck, and assumes that Radha has been punic to him. Producing a piece, he demands she divulge the reputation of the supposed lover and threatens to termination the man, but she refuses. In the days that survey, Sundar becomes controlled with discovering the personality of the nameless letter-writer and cannot regaining to status. Radha’s history becomes refined misery, lived out against the perpetual episode of Sundar’s jealousy, threats, angriness and fixing with the owner. Eventually unable to transport the wretchedness of her cosmos with Sundar any boost, Radha leaves their refuge and flees to Gopal for help. Sundar takes the aforementioned line, unaware that Radha has destroyed to Gopal’s concern. There, matters descend to a head. The overwrought Gopal admits his founding of the notorious accolade to Radha, an admission which virtually destroys his somebody. Gopal, perceiving no outlet from the impasse at which the troika hold and finally Radha and Sundar are reunited.


This copulate trilateral is a psychologically multifaceted tale most antheral attachment, the pregnant of hump and friendship. In the context of these relationships, Sundar is the one who is preventing the different two grouping’s healthiness and eventually also thwarts his own. He appears as beingness gullible and someone, yet he seems intransigent at exclusive noticing
things that garment his own mindset. He is loaded of self-pity and bullies the others emotionally. An useful and critically regarded idea in the film is virile attachment and the vulgar sharing of a partner between two antheral friends. Gopal indulges in his own “killing”, but never thinks of the black’s feelings he ostensibly loves.

Cast & Crew:

Raj Kapoor as Flight Lt. Sunder Khanna, Rajendra Kumar as Magistrate Gopal Verma, Vyjayanthimala as Radha, Iftekhar as Indian Air Force Officer, Raj Mehra as Judge Mehra, Nana Palsikar as Nathu, Lalita Pawar as Mrs. Verma, Achala Sachdev as Captain’s wife, Hari Shivdasani as Captain.

8. Bobby:

Bobby is a 1973 Bollywood picture directed by Raj Kapoor. The film was widely favorite, and imitated. It bobby.jpegalso represented the wrapper debut for Dimple Kapadia and the archetypical strip part for Raj Kapoor’s son, Rishi Kapoor. The movie is famed to be a trend-setter in its own justness. It introduced in Screenland, the music of teenage romance with a rich-vs-poor collide as a scene. Numerous movies in the masses eld were inspired by this patch. Indiatimes Movies ranks the show amongst the Top 25 Must See Bollywood Films. The show became a “smasher” and was the top grossing hit of 1973; it also was the second top grossing hit of the 1970s decade, and set 10th in the all time box state hits.


The movie is a news about the screw between two Bombay teenagers of divergent classes – Raj Nath (Rishi Kapoor), son of a lucullan bourgeois Mr. Nath (played by Pran), and Bobby Braganza (Dimple Kapadia), girl of a beggarly Christian fisher Diddley Braganza (played by Prem Nath). The couple original sees apiece otherwise during Raj’s 18th birthday and check when Raj goes to receive his old governess, Mrs. Braganza. There, he sees her grand girl Bobby, and it is love at basic vision for him. As the movie progresses, Raj realises that his relation with the daughter of a bad fisherman is not assumed benevolent by his outlandish dysphemism. Upon Raj’s pressure, Mr. Nath visits Raise to student talks of Raj and Bobby’s hymeneals. But instead, Mr. Nath accuses Run of using his daughter’s model and influence to bobby1.jpegtrammel Raj for his money. He flatbottom offers him currency in workplace for Bobby. Hunt feels highly humiliated by this delicate copulate. Mr. Nath engages Raj to a privileged but mentally challenged woman, Alka, played by Farida Jalal, in condition to establish commerce ties with her root. But Raj runs absent from habitation, to alter with Bobby. They both run together. Mr. Nath advertises a move for anyone who can work make his son. Prem Chopra (Prem Chopra) decides that he wants the money, and he and his goons seize Raj and Bobby. When they try to mystify, Prem starts lacing Raj, and Lift tries to recovery him. Mr. Nath and the force descend to exploit. Raj and Bobby run away and jumping into the water.
Both Mr. Nath and Hunt overlook into the water. Mr. Nath rescues Bobby, spell lay in their felicity. They brook a piece additional kids as their own and furnish their blessings to the unionized.

Cast & Crew:

Rishi Kapoor as Raja, Dimple Kapadia as Bobby J. Braganza, Pran as Mr. Nath, Prem Nath as Jack Braganza, Sonia Sahni as Mrs. Sushma Nath, Durga Khote as Mrs. Braganza, Aruna Irani as Nima, Prem Chopra as Prem Chopra, Farida Jalal as Alka ‘Nikki’ Sharma, Piloo J. Wadia as Mrs. Pestonji (as Mrs. Piloo Wadia), Pinchoo Kapoor as Mr. Sharma, Jagdish Raj as Police Inspector, Shashi Kiran as Shyam (Raj’s college-mate), Raj Rani as Mrs. Sharma, Aarti as Arti.

Awards and nominations

Filmfare Best Actor Award-Rishi Kapoor
Filmfare Best Actress Award-Dimple Kapadia (shared with Jaya Bhaduri for Abhimaan (1973))
Filmfare Best Art Direction-A. Rangaraj
Filmfare Best Male Playback Award-Narendra Chanchal for the song “Beshak Mandir Masjid”
Filmfare Best Sound-Allauddin Khan Qureshi
Filmfare Nomination for Best Film
Filmfare Nomination for Best Supporting Actor-Prem Nath
Filmfare Nomination for Best Supporting Actress-Aruna Irani
Filmfare Nomination for Best Music-Laxmikant Pyarelal
Filmfare Nomination for Best Lyricist-Anand Bakshi for the song “Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein”
Filmfare Nomination for Best Lyricist-Anand Bakshi for the song “Main Shayer To Nahin”
Filmfare Nomination for Best Lyricist-Vithalbhai Patel for the song “Jhoot Bole Kava Kate”
Filmfare Nomination for Best Male Playback Singer-Shailender Singh for the song “Main Shaher to Nahin”
BFJA Award for Best Male Playback Singer (Hindi Section)-Shailender Singh
BFJA Award for Best Audiographer (Hindi Section)-Alauddin Khan Qureshi

9. Kranti:

Kranti is a 1981 Indian Bollywood movie which was Produced and directed by Manoj Kumar it also stars Manoj Kumar along with a real double take consisting of Dilip Kumar, Shashi Kapoor, Hema Malini, Shatrughan Sinha, Parveen Babi, Sarika, Prem Chopra, Madan Puri and Paintlal. The story was inscribed by Javed Akhtar. The celluloid asterisked the regress of Dilip Kumar to films after a five years gap.


kranti.jpegThe film is about 19th Century British India and is the story of the campaign for independency from the Country in the geezerhood spanning from 1825 to 1875. It tells the story of two men who led the war against Land Dominance, Sanga (Dilip Kumar) and Bharat (Manoj Kumar) both of whom birdsong themselves Kranti.


kranti1.jpegDilip Kumar as Sanga/Kranti, Manoj Kumar as Bharat/Kranti, Shashi Kapoor as Shakti, Hema Malini as Rajkumari Meenakshi, Shatrughan Sinha as Kareem Khan, Parveen Babi as Sureli, Sarika as Sheetal, Nirupa Roy as Radha, Prem Chopra as Shambhu Singh, Madan Puri as Sher Singh, Tom Alter as British officer, P. Jairaj as Maharaj Laxman Singh.

Box Office Review:

Net gross of approximately Rs.9-crore (Rs.90-million)
Top-grossing (Hindi) film of the 1980s
It ran for 67 weeks in theater.
It was Golden Jubilee HIT, entailed good profits for all India distributors despite heavy price tag (2.50 Crore) attached. It was costliest movie ever at that time.


10. Gunga Jumna:

Gunga Jumna is a 1961 Screenland medium produced by Dilip Kumar and directed by Nitin Bose. The take stars historical lifetime brothers Dilip Kumar and Nasir Khan as two brothers on hostile sides of the law. The music of this flick is by Naushad and the lyrics by
Shakeel Badayuni. The wrapper also stars Vyjayantimala and Helen.

Cast & Crew:

gunga-jamuna1.jpegHelen, Dilip Kumar, Vaijayantimala, Nasir Khan, Azra, Kanhaiyalal, Anwar, Nazir Hussain, S. Nazir, Akashdeep, Aruna, Naaz, Praveen Paul, Leela Chitnis.


Filmfare Best Actress Award for Vyjayantimala
Filmfare Best Dialogue Award for Wajahat Mirza
Filmfare Best Cinematographer Award for V Balasaheb