Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Decorating Morocco through the eyes of Fatima Alaoui Bel Hassan

Fatima Alaoui Bel Hassan is a set decorator living in Morocco. She is in charge of the set dressing on film set, which includes the furnishings, wallpaper, lighting fixtures, and many of the other objects that will be seen in the film. Fatima Alaoui is a calm girl very sure of her artistic personality.

Fatima has an international reputation working Props and set dressing, she is also provided by different departments. Props are defined as items which are handled directly by actors, and discussions that take place between set decorators and prop masters in order to check that everything is being covered.

During several years, Fatima Alaoui Bel Hassan cumulated an important experience following her presence as head decorator and costume designer in several Moroccan and foreign cinematographic and Television productions. Here are her collaborations in movies:

- Prayer of the absent by Hamid bennani ( 1991 and 1992 )

- The unknown resistance by Larbi bennani ( 1993)

- Treasures of The Atlas by Mohamed Abbazi

- Story of a Rose by Majid Rchich (1999)

- The lady in the mirror by hamid Bennani ( 2000)

- the lovers of Mogador by Souhail benbarka

- The neighbors of Abu Musa by Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi ( 2001 )

- Black Hawk Dawn vy Ridly Scot (2001)

- The boy of Tangier by Moumen Smihi (2004)

- The torments of Husssain by Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi( 2005)

- Looking for Tomorrow by Barney Platts-Mills ( 2006)

- Kharboucha by Hamid Zoughi (2007)

- Itto Titrit by Mohamed Abbazi (2007)

- Agadir Bombay by Mariam Bakir ( 2009)

- Memory of clay By Majid Rchich (2009)

In addition, Fatima Alaoui Bel Hassan was respo,sible of a several worshops and exhibitions of painting and sculpture and has participated in common art exihitions in the United States,Ukraine,Lithuania,Tunisia.