Monday, February 28, 2011

To air Al Jazeera or not to air Al Jazeera.

To go from Kenitra to Rabat becomes an exhausted trip because gendarmes are nervous about political and social manifestations that are occurring in Morocco. Indeed; as a man whose great taste is café, whenever i choose a café either in Rabat or kenitra, images of vibrating manifestations coming out from the Arabic world and diffused by Al jazeeara attract me enthusiastically.

Al Jazeera is controlled by Qatar sheiks .it has become something very important to simple man in the street, because it conveys the truth according to a free lance journalist .However. Things happen tragically either in Qatar or in Khalidj but still they would not even speak about it. We certainly praise what Al jazeera is doing in Libya, Tunis, Egypt but the truth must arrive to every citizen in the world.