Wednesday, February 02, 2011

إرشادات في الإضاءة و التصوير التلفزيوني


Use the Rule of Thirds.
When composing your shot in the viewfinder or LCD, use the Rule of Thirds for more interesting shots. If you mentally divide the viewfinder into two imaginary rows and two imaginary vertical columns, the Rule of Thirds says to position your subject anywhere but in the centre "box" of the viewing area. But you can centre your subject if you want it to be centred.

Tone Down the Zoom. One mistake beginners make is zooming in and out a lot. It's dizzying for the viewer. The best time to zoom is when have a very good reason to zoom, Too much zooming is distracting; the "zooming" becomes part of the movie, like watching a rollercoaster.And gives the impression that you do not know what you are doing.

Stay In Focus. Keep in focus when you shoot . To do so, zoom all the way in on the most distant object in your scene and focus your lense on that object. Now all the things in the scene between the most distant and the closest will be in focus, but notice that dose not apply when you use the lense in Tele position.

Use Slow and Steady Motion. Move the camcorder carefully and slowly. Avoid "firehosing." That's the term for what most of us do (until we learn better) where we quickly jerk the camera around trying to capture the action over there -- no over there -- now over there -- where someone is talking or laughing or where the ball is and so on. It makes for a very hard to watch movie. Smooth, slow panning is always best.

Start Shooting Early. Start shooting before the shot really begins, and continue after the scene ends. This will allow a bit extra footage to make sure you got everything on film and didn't accidently clip something out. Also, some camcorders don't start to record the second you hit the record button, so you need to allow a second or two extra.

Shoot Low angle for Kids. Lower the camera angle when shooting kids Crouch down and film at the same on their level when videotaping children rather than aiming the camcorder down at them.

Don't talk! Some folks forget that they are within inches of the microphone and will end up with footage of their voice in the background and your booming voice saying "smile! smile! come on,

Use a Tripod. If you tend to move the camera a lot, either by too much jerky motion or just by jiggling it a bit in your hands, consider the use of the tripod. These days, a good tripod is not only strong and lightweight, but they do make your work looks better.

التصوير الفوتوغرافى..التصوير الرقمى
إرشادات في الإضاءة و التصوير التلفزيوني