Thursday, February 24, 2011

Arab youth of Zero Dollar against a hypocritical world of too much money

One of the thing i am sure of is that Libya is going to be free from tyranny and Gaddafi by simply its people .Those who say that Libya must be punished via sanctions are as crazy as Gaddafi .In stead, the world needs to take solid and human measures to save us not only from a hypocritical world we live in but also to save innocent children, women and people from a man whose love is power and only power.

Gaddafi has created a family government within his government and who knows what other Arab governors have done to their people? Are these governors alien? Have they come from other world to destruct their own people? They are not from us and we are not from them. We totally ignore their presence as we have done during their bizarre reign. Gaddafi will hung himself soon,otherwise he will escape to Mozambic 'an old friend there taking with him gold and too much money and this is of course will be under the eyes of the world .The funniest thing is that the west that have cried to install democracy in the world, has itself supported tyranny and dictatorship in the Arab world for ages in the name of interest.Intifada must prevail in the west too to get rid of hypocrites and faked politicians .Western youth should move to cry out for a real world where freedom and true democracy exists, because Arab youth have done it and only by zero dollar.

Allal El Alaoui