Monday, February 23, 2009

The 2009 blogger-award given to Maria Makrim .

No doubt Maria Makrim loves freedom of speech. That is why she writes excellent articles about sensitive matters about Morocco, and obviously Maria has been successful in depicting Moroccan realities whenever she tackles a sensitive subject in her country.

Maria, therefore, is chosen to be given the 2009 blogger-award which is a symbolic prize , because of her continuous research on Moroccan touchy subjects and also to her honesty and devotion to her journalistic work.

Maria Makrim ,aged 32 born in a cosmopolitan city called Casablanca, is now working as the chief editor of the famous newspaper “Al Ayam “In Casablanca ; Morocco.

Last year the blogger - award was given to Ahmed Essarouri because of his decency and fruitful works in media especially at SNRT x-RTM.

Allal El ALaoui