Thursday, October 16, 2008

Khalid Chouki, a man stepping forward for Muslims in Italy.

When i was living in San Lorenzro,a popular suburb in Rome,i was delighted to meet cool people either physically such as Abdelkader Remoun,an Algerian intellectual named Romaman in his native land or historically like Pier Paolo Pasolini,a famous cinematic person whose movies are still debated along with Gramshi's anthropology and politics .San Lorenzo is a handsome place that any visitor to Rome should see.It has beautiful women,drug dealers,liberals living with communists,immigrants from all over the world having cuppocino with Italians, mafia agencies,Salvation Army Hotel,Arab and western intellectuals and even spies .

I think this part of Rome resumes the state of Italy and i presume that it is time for Italians to think for their future and well being by only shifting 180 degrees to learn from what is going on further in the west simply to find out that white America is longing to vote for a black president .The lesson is quite clear and obviously remains only 2 or 3 weeks for the next USA president which the whole world want him black ,Barack Obama,the American think-tank who amazes the world by introducing his political programs based of course on dialog,justice and fervent openness . This is of course excatly what we fought for in 1986;we north–African people along side with Abderlkader Remoun,Kacem Chabeb and myself.

It is nice also to see that new born fighters come to accomplish this duty stepping forward to praise Islam,mentioning forexample Khalid Chaouki,journalist,a member of the Italian Islamic Consult and is a candidate with the “Moderati per Roma con Rutelli" list for the municipals in Rome in 2008. According to Al Jazeera, Khalid is facing continously with courage and will those who pinpoint him as a terrorist like the Italian Extreme right-wing and those fundamentalists "muslims" who eagerly want him to give up and disappear from Italian media.Khalid is aware of this fight stating "And so why is it that despite the experience of the party’s leader Veltroni in favour of dialogue between cultures, the party which “Can do” has not included on its lists members of the world of immigration? Is it also the fault of leaders of foreign origin, who should step forward?

Allal El Alaoui

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