Friday, November 24, 2006

Kader Remoun met Allal in Rome

One of the most humain ALgerian rare intellectual that i met in Rome in 1986 was Abdel Kader Remoun . He exiled vonlontarily to Europe and precisely to Italy . He was a mysterious man who loves his native Algerians and north -African people . His wish is TO unite people and live together in peace and Harmony . He still fights for an everlasting cause; freedom of the individual . One of his present gift he gave me was his grand-father piece of music which i have found dirty and thrown away at SNRT , the national television of Morocco . It is dated one hundred years and it is a record song that tells a story of well depicted two lovers who met in a beautiful garden . This song was written in 1886 and it still lasts this year ,2006 . It is a marvelouss song written in a poetic prose into a malhoun style . I think if Morocco and Algeria make piece . This song can be a symbol of the reunion of those two wonderful countries .