Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Khalid Khachan's lucid work for SNRt trainers.

Now It becomes clear that after a top secret report on conditions of training at SNRt , handed already to the number one in television.The same report has been given to Emmanuel Hoog and to the new comer of the INA ( Institut National de l'audiovisuel ) ,Khalid Khachan must consider his job as a training responsible and see to those who are promoted professionally in their jobs ,professionalism and flexibilty are may be the lonely instruments that Khalid should have to observe his colleagues , states a Tv journalist .

Khalid Khachan comes from an artistic family;his father was a shef - d'orchestre and has worked for SNRT x- RTM for many years along with abdessalem Amer and El Rashedi.However , everybody agrees that Khalid is a decent guy who has marked good points especially he has gone through many different jobs.

The PDG of SNRT has a wide imagination to choose Khalid for this job ,meanwhile Khalid's task is not easy ,he must follow his SNRT agents as far as their professional performances(hope springs in the humain breast ) .

Surprisingly ,Too many INA teachers are asked to go back to France, because of that mysterious report given to INA spearhead meanwhile , according to these teachers "courses given to SNRT technicians are well taught and practiced , but not considerably matched with mentalities of some bureaucrats who oppose fervently the teachings of INA people."The best example goes to tv tools and machinaries mastered by the technical director namely, wild angles recently bought from LTS ( 10.10 mm never given to the direction of production ),sound machines (sophisticated mics still hidden somewhere) ,cranes ( Ultra crane ,Cinejip and Jimmy Jim,,, ) lightings like Chinese balls ,diffuse lightings and more ,,,.

Allal El Alaoui