Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yílmaz Güney,the Zorro of international filmmaking.

Any cinemagoer who watches Yol directed by Yílmaz Güney would feel troubled and scornful about the bestiality of mankind .Yílmaz Güney,throughout Yol, has been successful to show different stories of lost tragic people in Turkey,Turkisdan etc,, .The director himself seems that he has gone through these ugly and cynic behaviours that his countrymen would encounter.

Cinematicaly speaking,Yílmaz Güney has a tremendous tenderness towards classic movies especialy the Italian ones like Vittorio Di Secca ,Pier Paolo Paszolini and also une 'touche divine' of that American filmmaker, Samuel Fuller and no doubt his great interest to marxist - communist ideas that have continuous impact on his cinema as Bilge Ebiri states "

Güney is the poet of helplessness, exasperation and madness. As such, his perspective has managed to outlive the political fads of his time,..His mythology, needless to say, hit the stratosphere. Many of his films had already been banned in Turkey, but he finally became official persona non grata in his home country, at the same time he was being hailed as the Zorro of international filmmaking".

Allal El Alaoui

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