Friday, May 16, 2008

Fatima Bel Hassan Alaoui and Moulay Taib Alaoui,the most popular set decorators in Morocco.

These two chef decorist called Moulay Taib Alaoui and Fatima Bel Hassan Alaoui are basically painters and then become set decorators or accessoirists in cinema .Being ill, Mpulay Taib Alaoui is having an operation in Rabat very soon and all cinema technicians wish him redemption and a good come -back to cinema .As for Fatima , we wish her great continuity and good moral .

"A set decorator is in charge of the set dressing on a film set, which includes the furnishings, wallpaper, lighting fixtures, and many of the other objects that will be seen in the film. Props and set dressing often overlap, but are provided by different departments. Props are defined as items which are handled directly by actors, and discussions take place between set decorator and prop masters in order to check that everything is being covered. The set decorator gives direction to buyers and to the leadman, who is in charge of the set dressers. The set decorator maintains a set dressing budget separate from the set budget or the prop budget and answers directly to the production designer".
Allal El Alaoui

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