Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dubai International Film Festival: Xenophobia and no Visa for Maghreb Cinemagoers .

Too many intellectuals, academy researchers,and Cinema associations find difficulties and obstacles to communicate with some cultural services in Rabat Embassies .Many observers and journalists blame those employees named " Agents Linguistiques " who have Moroccan nationality.In fact, these people are Moroccans and lucky to be cutural advicers, but unfortunately they mislead and deviate information to the head of cultural service and make abstacles for others to enjoy the culture of the country visited .

United Arab Emirates becomes a mecca for many cinephiles and bollyphiles because of its marvellous activities on cinematic festivals like the Dubai International Film Festival and IIFA awards backed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum . Unfortunately , these cultural activities are missed by Moroccan film critics and cinemagoers due to the intelligent obstacles of the so called Languistical agents .

Moroccan foreign embassy has intelligent and well trained people than those agents .May be it is time to think of this matter because,obviously the diplomatic relation between Morocco and these countries is important and could have been more powerful and everlasting by only may be shifting those who change their skin and language for the sake of money.

Allal EL Alaoui