Monday, February 18, 2008

Taieb Alaoui chosen to be the cinema guy of Rabat and its region

By Allal EL Alaoui
Now , it is the first time in history of Moroccan cinema, Rabat the political capital of Morocco, has now its own region president of Cinema Union guild called Taieb Alaoui elected yesterday on the 17th of february 2008 at the Mohamed five Theatre .He was supported by a pre - selection commission team designed by the president himself Mustapha Ziraoui.

Five members will voluntarily join Taieb to complete his team which is shaped of varied technical and artistic technicians such as Youssef Tanane , a casting director, Hisham Brini, a producer, Mohamed Waglou ,an actor and Allal El Alaoui , an assistant-director and chronicler .

The task of Taieb Alaoui is not as easy as it seems ,because his full attention must be focused first not only on protecting crew and defending their rights to work in cinema nationally and internationally , but also promoting their work into a high standard of professionalism .

So, Mustapha Ziraoui 's choice could be well targeted and nicely designed knowing that the fight of organizing the mechanism of work of the so called cinema crew in Morocco has just started to move .