Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mustapha Hayran,the Willy Brandt of Morocco.

Mustapha Hayran Or Régis Debray

Known for his honesty among his colleagues and also about his fervent struggle through writing political articles for a free nation called Morocco which according to him, must be shaped by a sharing constitution and led enthousistically by true staff of democrats,Mustapha Hayran is a famous Moroccan journalist who writes daily articles about politics and cinema in Moroccan newspapers such as –L’opinion – Essahifa and now,an online newpaper in the net .

Too many people do not know that Mustapha’s devotion to cinema is so great that he is preparing a scenario for Moroccan public . His cultural background is based on reading a lot of books.No doubt the classics is adored by Mustapha especially The Japenese school of cinema , names like Kurazawa and Imamura movies have great impact on Hayran.This book- worm reads continually and whenever you meet him,you find news about politics,culture and cinema . literature,politics,sociology and philosophy are his favourite intellectual subjects and no doubt his craft of his coming script must be interesting to produce .That is why Mustapha rejects mediocrity of Moroccan films and instead admires cinema of good quality .

Mustapha keeps to mention The Brandt Report which is the report which the Independant Commissions wrote, first chaired by Willy Brandt (the former German Chancellor) in 1980 to overlook on the International Development issues.Justice,peace and the report north-south is Mustahpa's daily preooccupation.Sharing the views of Abdellah Hamoudi(an anthropoligist) about the deep change in Morocco, Hayran forsees the arrival of political changes not only in his native land but also in th world because of his wide vision and mere experience, feeling deep nostalghia of those dead and exiled freedom designers of Morocco like Mehdi Ben Barka and Abdelkrim Al Khattabi.

Too many corrupted politicians just creep to get near to Hayran because of his exquisite style of writing both in Arabic and in French,but fortunately his pen remains resistable and free from these mafia-like lobbies that people of Morocco are scorning with disgust. He writes very debating articles about true state of politics as seen by an independent journalist like him free from directives of Big Brother like the ones of leaders of political parties. According to Mustapha, the age of constipated mentalities and political ghosts are about to disappear because as he predicts that the bells ring for a probable approching civil war in his homeland or may be a sudden heart-attack state as described by the former king of Morocco, Hassan The Second,may be happening very soon .
Allal El Alaoui