Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mohamed Belfkih ,an introversive actor .

Mohamed Belfkih

Allal-Cinemagoer : Can you regard yourself as an introversive man ?

Mohamed Belfkih : Yes . In some way . I am an introverted person. I like to be alone a lot .It is like the old man and the sea,a man within a vast wave of spirituality .It is about an intimate soul of a lonely man who is happy in his meditation.

Allal-Cinemagoer : That sounds Ernest Himingway .Your loneliness is noticed by film-directors in Morocco ? Or they look at you as a shabby,mysterious old man ?

Mohamed Belfkih : . In Tabet or not tabet,Nabil Lahlou has given me access to express myself at a press conference .Nabil was expecting me that i would refer to him as a good director,But, i said that directors should get close to actors and consider them vey well.

Nancy wa Alwahch by Mahmoud Frites

Allal-Cinemagoer : . Don't you agree that film-directors behave funny in this way ? i mean ,Nabil might not call you next work knowing that you have not thrown flowers at him ?

Mohamed Belfkih : So what . Good actors imposes themselves through their work .I am a respected man and the majority of film-makers know that vey well.Do you know that i was noticed by a german film-directed who was assisted that time by the photographer Daoud Awlad Essaid .Awlad now becomes a film -director .Unlike some movies that i have participated in them , the german film-directed really filmed my looks in many ways and into different dimensions .When i saw the movie, i was very happy.

Allal-Cinemagoer : In a short-movie directed by Youssef Briel , you have played a man who must get to a hospital to get cured . I think you played well with Amal Ayouch, but the movie was not as good as we thought. You have talent and experience now and it is somewhere hidden, a sort of like a No Man's land talent .You really need good directors to discover you. Am I not right ?

Mohamed Belfkih : I think you are.The movie was financed by CCM and there was a tremendous pressure by this institution .Besides we have a beginner in direction of photography called , Aliwi .He has just had his luck to work in this short-movie for the first time .I was surprised and deeply hurt when i watched this short- film by Britel .

Allal-Cinemagoer : You mean it was a disaster ?

Mohamed Belfkih : Yes it was .

Allal-Cinemagoer : Does Mahmoud Frites give any space to express yourself in order to get into the skin of your character ?

Mohamed Belfkih : Yes he does . And Frites does it with great care and intelligence . You must know ,Allal that it is the first time in my career to work with a Moroccan film-director who gives freedom to his actors .Besides , he is at good at directing his actors without shouting like some directors do.

Allal-Cinemagoer : Do you mean that Moroccan film -directors are good at shouting than directing ?

Mohamed Belfkih : Laughingly .No, i did not say that .Many film-directors shout in order to show off or cover up other voices . At least ,our Moroccan film -directors don't shout like Youssef Shahine .You know Shahine shouts with love and passion to give life to his cinematic scenes . That is why, i insist that directors should know their actors vey well .

Interviewed BY Allal El

Mohamed Belfkih and Allal El Alaoui