Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Konstantin Stanislavski means the System,a gift of how to act.

The stanislavski System is not an abstration;it is an activity and a practice .It is a working method for working actors .It is a system because it is coherent,logical-systimatic.anyone who imagines that the system will yield results through a purely intellectual,detached comprehension of its basic ideas will be diappointed .The System is not a theoretical construct;it is a process.The texts of Stanislavski which we possess are a guide to that process and an invitation to experience it directly,personalyy and creatively.
John Beneditti

"How does an actor act? ... How can the actor learn to inspire himself? What can he do to impel himself toward that necessary yet maddeningly elusive creative mood? These were the simple, awesome riddles Stanislavksi dedicated his life to exploring. Where and how to 'seek those roads into the secret sources of inspiration must serve as the fundamental life problem of every true actor' ... If the ability to receive the creative mood in its full measure is given to the genius by nature", Stanislavski wondered, "then perhaps ordinary people may reach a like state after a great deal of hard work with themselves - not in its full measure, but at least in part."
Konstantin Stanislavski