Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hard talk at ISCA school about cinema Box office of 2007 in Morocco

It is as we have predicted that the debate of the cinematic income of Moroccan box office 2007 was so ferocious between film-critics ,CCM representatives,bloggers and cinemagoers.

First Driss Jaidi explained that CCM promising projects about cinema have not yet been realized and that there is a horrible delay via channels of bureacracy and indifference .As for Abdessalam Boukhazzar,this cinema-goer states that the majority of Moroccan movies released in 2007 based only on money of government institutions like CCM and SNRT, were mediocre a part from some recent works of Latif Lahlou and Ahmed Bouanani. Al khamar,an opinion jounalist ,interferes elegantly recalling debaters that in the seventies, cinephiles were talking only about giving freedom of speech to film-directors but now we think implicitly to get rid of this same freedom especially now Moroccan movies tackle subjects like sex,violence ,music and Moroccan Jews deported to Israel .

whereas Allal El Alaoui,an AD and chronicler, encourages Isca students to look for cinematic archives in CCM before 2003, because allal thinks any nation must go through its memories to find out the truth . Allal carries on to say that piracy of international and national films makes controvercy between cinemagoers and film-makers ,but instead he explains that it is not the fault of piracy of closing cinemas ,but it is about producing mediocrity in movies ,the influence of satelites Tv channels and namely the continuous support of bad directors . Quentin Tarantino ,Micheal Moore and Nabil AYouch's ecouragement for Hackers to pirate their films still continues to be in the front of many newspapers and in the Internet . These people know what they are targeting,of course ttheir audience through adverts and publicity .Allal continues to persuade CCM to burn Moroccan cinema into DVDs from 1944 till now ,because this digital operation can help cinemagoers and academics to write and re-write chronic-al facts and events of those memorial decades .Al Hamoudi finally took the microphone speaking enthusiastically in front of crowded cinema lovers, he, politically correct ,said loudly that CCM and SNRT should give opportunities to young people ,to Tv and CCM technicians to work,because their dignity is at risk .
Allal EL Alaoui