Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Canadian cjfe gives full support to Media protesters in Morocco

Latifa Sabae : CDT figure of SNRT

Khalid Akdi,CDT leading fugure protests agaisnt SNRT Harassments
"These journalists - our colleagues - are trying to establish the same rights of free expression and press freedom that we so often take for granted. They are courageous people, and they deserve our support. Research shows time and time again that the intervention and support provided by groups such as CJFE does make an important difference."

- Nick Fillmore, CJFE founding director

The CJFE is a Canadian non-governmental organization supported by Canadian journalists and advocates of free expression. The purpose of the organization is to defend the rights of journalists and contribute to the development of media freedom throughout the world. CJFE recognizes these rights are not confined to journalists and strongly supports and defends the broader objective of freedom of expression in Canada and around the world.