Monday, February 11, 2008

Bill Gates or Haj Belghit : Thank you very much.

We call Bill Gates ,here in Morocco, Haj Belghit .Don't worry Bill, Haj Belghit is a sacred and spiritual name for any Muslim who has visted Mecca to pure his soul and to see the face of Allah ( God), see,Bill, you are really honored here.

Too many people say that you have been inspired by Micheal Angelo, Aristotle, or the seven beauties of the world like Chinese Wall, Babel, or Pharoun figures . A friend of mine just tells me that you are inspired by that one thousand repeating Theatre - soliloquies square in Marrakech called Jamae Al Fna.However, I say that you are a simple man with a genous brain whose heart is generous and so big and whose pocket is so tiny but full of money . We bloggers thank you so much Bill.
Allal El Alaoui