Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Robin Williams ,a genius of laughter and comedy.

kids know him as Poppey, the cartoon legend who saves his girlfriend from the giant man .Robin Williams takes Poppey voice to get into million and million of hearts and imagination . Robin's work, especially as an actor, has received a considerable amount of journalistic and critical attention in the States .He can perform many roles and has a tremendous potentiality to dub stage cartoon characters , does many accents and imitates celebrities and foreign people .(Allal El Alaoui)

Robin Williams

"You never know what he'll say next, being the improvisational genius that he is, and nothing and no one is safe from his barrage of jokes and imitations."

"Known to the world as the gibbering, gurning, beaming alien Mork from Ork, Robin Williams stood a very high chance of never, EVER being taken seriously. How could he be? Mork aside, in his stand-up routines he was a whirlwind of snappy one-liners, brilliant impressions and surreal asides, his ideas falling like rain. His first cinematic breakthrough, Good Morning Vietnam, was just Williams being Williams. So were other mega-hits, Mrs Doubtfire and Aladdin. The Oscar for Good Will Hunting was just for a cameo, really. A fluke. The guy could never really ACT. He'd never be able to stand still long enough."

"Robin Williams's energetic, unpredictable, and an eternal optimist. But most of all, he's a riot; watching him during an interview means having to hold your stomach to keep from laughing too hard."