Monday, March 05, 2007

Robert Redford turns the page of cinema in America.

Robert Redford is a man of grace and class either in Hollywood or in independent films . He is a great cinema-goer as an actor and director .Robert played in films like Brubaker,Out of African , The horse whisper and many others .Robert is surely a man of family and shows great interest in pure nature ,A river runs through it , this movie directed by himself ,becomes one of his great inspiration in his filmmaking .
The foundation of Sundance Film Festival in 1980 by Robert Redford made a tremendous impact on independent filmmakers either in America or in the world.On this marvellous occasion, FIFM in Marrakech could have been interested to sign contracts with Sundance Festival through exchange of ideas concerning film productions and promotion of Moroccan directors and technicians .
Robert Redford was able to turn the page of cinema in the States by creating this Film Festival in Sundance,because America was only equated with Hollywood .
Thanks to Sundance Film Festival , great directors and producers were launched into film business .Careers were offered to Gregg Araki, Jamie Babbit, Hal Hartley, Todd Haynes, Rebecca Miller, Steven Soderberg, Richard Linklater, Todd Solondz, and Quentin Tarantino; of indie producers such as Jake Abraham, Caroline Kaplan, James Schamus, Mary Jane Slaski, John Sloss, Jim Stark, Andrea Spielberg, or Christine Vachon.It has echoed some of the most significant developments in the US indie scene – from the emergence of the “New Black Cinema” to the complex avatars of Asian American cinema, to the new role played by digital media.(Allal El Alaoui)

Reference to sensesofcinema(see also Bérénice Reynaud)