Thursday, March 01, 2007

Moroccan films and Bollywood make box office

It is only wind or a passing storm . CCM latest annoucement that Moroccan movies are making great ticket incomes is only a lie and a fake for many bloggers, journalists and even cinema critics . Kamal Mghazlii annouced that Moroccon movies are doing much better than Bollywood, remains a joke and an ethical mystery .Therefore , we Bloggers ,journalists and cinemagoers are asking from CCM responsibles more co-ordination and collaboration especially when there are some debates concerning cinema and its events, because no one can teach us how to love movies and making of them .One wonders and thinks of the theory proposed by El Dahhane, a university professor and film critic ,suggesting to close for ever the National Center of Cinema (CCM) because of its handicapped functions , useless deeds and ugly dealings to cinema-goers and filmmakers . ( Allal)