Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hassan Semlali, an artist of writing good Arabic Calligraphy .


Arabic, Persian and Ottoman Turkish calligraphy is associated with geometric Islamic art (the Arabesque) on the walls and ceilings of mosques as well as on the page. Contemporary artists in the Islamic world draw on the heritage of calligraphy to use calligraphic inscriptions or abstractions in their work.(Wikipedia)

slamic calligraphy is the art of writing, and by extension, of bookmaking.[1] This art has most often employed the Arabic script, throughout many languages. Calligraphy is especially revered of all Islamic arts, since it was the primary means for the preservation of the Qur'an.(wikipedia)

Hassan Semlali is an original artist from Tabriket, Salé,Morocco .He is a passionate man of Arts in general and especially he has a snake bite of cinema .Semlali is also known of his writing craft and he is good at it ,His art of beautiful writing makes him famous around Rabat and Some Moroccan towns JUST like his native city, Fes.Hassan is keen to participate in Calligraphy festivals especially in Egypt and hopes that The minstry of culture in Rabat knows about his works .Hassan's interest in cinema is great too . He has introduced his Telefilms to Soriad ,2M and waiting for The film commission to decide whether his scripts are admitted or not .. He wished that winds of democracy will blow at media , entertainment and cinema so as he can simply be able to work .