Saturday, March 24, 2007

Alain Sarde ,an Utopian Film Producer

Allal Speaking out to find Moroccan Producers rather than the foreign ones in 2006 at FIFM film conference done for The Fawzi Saiidi 's movie " what a wonderful world".

Finding producers in Morocco

To judge whether cinema at home has achieved nervana in production making remains a guestion of controvercy and critiria especially talking about how to finance movies nationally .Surely the emergence of new young energy is rather giving Moroccan cinema a new sigh .After liberation from French colonists (see 1958 bills and acts) and apart from Hamid Bennani 's movie ( Washma) and Reguab 's ( Hallaq Derb Al Foukara), cinema productions, at that time, were really bad as far as techniques and savoir faire as concerned, but now with the help of both the state ( CCM strategies) and also European aids , movies of (H. BELABBES, F. BNSAIDI, N. NEJJAR, S. FARROUKHI…) have let good impresssions either internationally and nationally by film critics .

However , cinemagoers in Morocco would love to see national producersimposing themselves rather than foreign ones who, some of them backed by their governement , pour millions and millions of Euros to deepen their facon d'etre ( see imposing french language and the way of french thinking ) .

So, now again the question is in the hand of both the state and individuals , strengthen policies of finding new mechanisms of how to encourage home film producers might give Morocco a nice push and a handsome position cinematically speaking in order to take the lead in Africa , otherwise our screen -theatres project only mediocre films and culturaly speaking what the north want to watch (prototypes of submitted and stupid Moroccans) besides people would hate more filmmakers to shoot their films on their streets just as they did to Kamal Kamal when he wanted to begin shooting his TV Telefim ' Rgagna ' in Essaouira recently .(Allal El Alaoui)


In Production
1 Untitled Kip Williams Project (2007) (in production) (executive producer)

2 Oliver Twist (2005) (producer)
... aka Oliver Twist (France) (Italy)
3 Vera Drake (2004) (producer)
... aka Vera Drake (France)
4 Notre musique (2004) (producer)
... aka Our Music (literal English title)
5 Genesis (2004) (line producer)
6 Zivot je cudo (2004) (producer)
... aka Life Is a Miracle (International: English title) (USA: literal English title)
... aka Hungry Heart (International: English title)
... aka Vie est un miracle!, La (France)
7 Confidences trop intimes (2004) (producer)
... aka Intimate Strangers (International: English title)
8 Nowhere to Go But Up (2003) (producer)
... aka Happy End (France) (USA)
... aka I Want to Be Famous (Singapore: English title)
9 Nathalie... (2003) (producer)
10 Filles uniques (2003) (producer)
... aka Only Girls (International: English title)
... aka Sole Sisters (International: English title)
11 Stupeur et tremblements (2003) (producer)
... aka Fear and Trembling (International: English title)
12 Petite prairie aux bouleaux, La (2003) (producer)
... aka Birkenau und Rosenfeld (Germany)
... aka The Birch-Tree Meadow (International: English title)
13 18 ans après (2003) (producer)
14 C'est le bouquet! (2002) (producer)
... aka Special Delivery (International: English title)
15 Décalage horaire (2002) (producer)
... aka Jet Lag (Canada: English title) (International: English title)
16 Parlez-moi d'amour (2002) (producer)
... aka Speak to Me of Love (International: English title)
17 Adversaire, L' (2002) (producer)
... aka Adversario, El (Spain)
... aka The Adversary (International: English title)
18 The Pianist (2002) (producer)
... aka Pianist, Der (Germany)
... aka Pianista (Poland)
... aka Pianiste, Le (France)
19 Apartment #5C (2002) (producer)
... aka Apartment #5C (France)
20 All or Nothing (2002/I) (executive producer)
... aka All or Nothing (France)
21 Frère du guerrier, Le (2002) (line producer)
... aka The Warrior's Brother (International: English title)
22 Laissez-passer (2002) (producer)
... aka Safe Conduct (International: English title) (USA)
... aka Salvoconducto (Spain)
23 Parlez moi d'amour: le making of (2002) (V) (producer)
24 Chaos (2001) (producer)
25 Dieu est grand, je suis toute petite (2001) (producer)
... aka God Is Great, I'm Not (USA: festival title)
... aka God Is Great, and I'm Not (USA: video title)
26 Cet amour-là (2001) (producer)
... aka Cet amour-là (USA)
27 Sauvage innocence (2001) (producer)
... aka Wild Innocence (International: English title) (USA)
28 Liberté-Oléron (2001) (producer)
... aka Freedom-Oléron (Hong Kong: English title)
29 Un aller simple (2001) (line producer)
... aka One Way Ticket (International: English title)
30 Mulholland Dr. (2001) (producer)
... aka Mulholland Drive (France) (USA: closing credits title)
31 Éloge de l'amour (2001) (producer)
... aka In Praise of Love (International: English title)
32 De l'amour (2001) (producer)
... aka All About Love (International: English title)
33 Belphégor - Le fantôme du Louvre (2001) (producer)
... aka Belphecor: Curse of the Mummy (Philippines: English title)
... aka Belphegor, Phantom of the Louvre (Europe: English title)
34 Mon père, il m'a sauvé la vie (2001) (line producer)
... aka My Father Saved My Life (International: English title)
35 Speaking of Sex (2001) (producer)
36 Après la réconciliation (2000) (producer)
... aka After the Reconciliation (International: English title)
37 Ça ira mieux demain (2000) (associate producer)
... aka Tomorrow's Another Day (International: English title)
38 Selon Matthieu (2000) (producer)
... aka To Mathieu (International: English title)
39 Sens des affaires, Le (2000) (producer)
... aka A Head for Business (International: English title)
40 Franck Spadone (2000) (producer)
41 Coeur à l'ouvrage, Le (2000) (delegate producer)
42 Amazone (2000) (delegate producer)
... aka Amazon (International: English title)
43 Code inconnu: Récit incomplet de divers voyages (2000) (producer)
... aka Code - Unbekannt (Germany)
... aka Code Unknown (Canada: English title)
... aka Code Unknown: Incomplete Tales of Several Journeys (International: English title)
... aka Code inconnu (France: short title)
44 Esther Kahn (2000) (producer)
... aka eSTheR KaHN (France: poster title)
45 Six-Pack (2000) (producer)
46 Acteurs, Les (2000) (delegate producer)
... aka Actors (International: English title)
47 Love me (2000) (producer)
48 Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brûlantes (2000) (producer: Les Films Alain Sarde)
... aka Water Drops on Burning Rocks (International: English title)

49 Bûche, La (1999) (producer)
... aka Season's Beatings (Europe: English title)
50 Mauvaises fréquentations (1999) (producer)
... aka Bad Company (International: English title)
51 Enfants du siècle, Les (1999) (producer)
... aka The Children of the Century (Canada: English title) (Europe: English title) (USA)
52 Augustin, roi du Kung-fu (1999) (producer)
... aka Augustin, King of Kung-Fu (USA)
53 Qui plume la lune? (1999) (producer)
... aka Who Plucked the Feathers Off the Moon? (Europe: English title)
54 Je veux tout (1999) (producer)
55 Vent de la nuit, Le (1999) (producer)
... aka Night Wind (International: English title)
... aka The Wind of the Night (International: English title)
56 Ça commence aujourd'hui (1999) (producer)
... aka It All Starts Today (Europe: English title)
57 Alice et Martin (1998) (producer)
... aka Alice and Martin (USA: literal English title)
... aka Alice y Martin (Spain)
58 Place Vendôme (1998) (producer)
59 Restons groupés (1998) (producer)
60 Trop (peu) d'amour (1998) (producer)
... aka Too Much (Little) Love
61 Abre los ojos (1997) (associate producer)
... aka Apri gli occhi (Italy)
... aka Open Your Eyes (USA)
... aka Ouvre les yeux (France)
... aka Permanent Midnight (USA)
62 Cousin, Le (1997) (producer)
63 Nettoyage à sec (1997) (producer)
... aka Dry Cleaning (USA)
64 Un air si pur... (1997) (producer)
... aka An Air So Pure (USA)
65 Fred (1997) (delegate producer)
66 Capitaine Conan (1996) (producer)
... aka Captain Conan
67 Belle verte, La (1996) (producer)
68 Ponette (1996) (producer)
... aka Ponette (USA)
69 For Ever Mozart (1996) (producer)
70 Voleurs, Les (1996) (producer)
... aka The Child of the Night
... aka Thieves
71 Deux papas et la maman, Les (1996) (producer)
... aka Two Dads and One Mom (International: English title)
72 Mon homme (1996) (producer)
... aka My Man (Europe: English title)
73 Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud (1995) (producer)
... aka Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud (Germany)
... aka Nelly and Mr. Arnaud
... aka Nelly e Mr. Arnaud (Italy)
74 Sale gosse (1995) (producer)
... aka Bad Boy (International: English title)
75 Fils préféré, Le (1994) (producer)
... aka The Favorite Son
76 Ange noir, L' (1994) (executive producer)
... aka The Black Angel
77 Oublie-moi (1994) (producer)
... aka Forget Me
78 Rosine (1994) (producer)
79 Roseaux sauvages, Les (1994) (producer)
... aka Chêne et le roseau, Le (France)
... aka The Wild Reeds
80 Un crime (1993) (producer)
... aka A Crime (International: English title)
81 Ma saison préférée (1993) (producer)
... aka My Favorite Season (International: English title)
82 Jeune Werther, Le (1993) (producer)
... aka Young Werther
83 Mensonge (1993) (producer)
... aka Lie
84 Crise, La (1992) (producer)
... aka Crisi!, La (Italy)
... aka Crisis-Go-'Round
... aka The Crisis
85 Max & Jeremie (1992) (producer)
... aka Max and Jeremy
86 L.627 (1992) (producer)
87 Albert souffre (1992) (producer)
... aka Albert Suffers
88 Bitter Moon (1992) (co-producer)
... aka Lunes de fiel (France)
89 Amoureuse (1992) (producer)
... aka Lover (International: English title)
90 Room Service (1992) (producer)
91 Ciel de Paris, Le (1991) (producer)
... aka The Sky Above Paris
92 Invierno en Lisboa, El (1991) (producer)
... aka The Winter in Lisbon
93 Tribu, La (1991) (producer)
... aka The Tribe
94 Rue du Bac (1991) (producer)
95 Petit criminel, Le (1990) (producer)
... aka The Little Gangster
96 Docteur Petiot (1990) (delegate producer)
97 Un week-end sur deux (1990) (producer)
... aka Every Other Weekend
98 Nouvelle vague (1990) (producer)
... aka New Wave
99 Vengeance d'une femme, La (1990) (producer)
... aka A Woman's Revenge

100 Nocturne indien (1989) (executive producer)
101 Maison de jade, La (1988) (producer)
... aka The House of Jade (International: English title: literal title)
102 Quelques jours avec moi (1988) (producer)
... aka A Few Days with Me
103 De guerre lasse (1987) (producer)
... aka Engagements of the Heart (Europe: English title: festival title)
104 Deux crocodiles, Les (1987) (producer)
... aka The Two Crocodiles (International: English title)
105 Comédie! (1987) (producer)
... aka Comedy!
106 Funny Boy (1987) (delegate producer)
107 Mois d'avril sont meurtriers, Les (1987) (producer)
108 Solitaire, Le (1987) (producer)
... aka The Loner (International: English title)
109 Si le soleil ne revenait pas (1987) (producer)
... aka If the Sun Never Returns (International: English title)
110 Cours privé (1986) (producer)
111 Prunelle Blues (1986) (producer)
112 Harem (1985) (producer)
113 Détective (1985) (producer)
114 Hors-la-loi (1985) (producer)
... aka Outlaws (International: English title)
115 Été prochain, L' (1985) (producer)
... aka Next Summer
116 Ça n'arrive qu'à moi (1985) (producer)
117 Joyeuses Pâques (1984) (delegate producer)
... aka Happy Easter
118 Garce, La (1984) (producer)
119 Notre histoire (1984) (producer)
... aka Our Story
... aka Separate Rooms
120 Un dimanche à la campagne (1984) (delegate producer)
... aka A Sunday in the Country
121 Ronde de nuit (1984) (producer)
122 Garçon! (1983) (producer)
... aka Waiter!
123 Prénom Carmen (1983) (producer)
... aka First Name: Carmen (USA)
124 Femme de mon pote, La (1983) (producer)
... aka My Best Friend's Girl (USA)
125 Stella (1983) (producer)
126 J'ai épousé une ombre (1983) (producer)
... aka I Married a Dead Man
... aka I Married a Shadow
127 Que les gros salaires lèvent le doigt! (1982) (producer)
128 Tir groupé (1982) (producer)
129 Choc, Le (1982) (producer)
... aka Contract in Blood
... aka Shock
130 Étoile du Nord, L' (1982) (producer)
... aka The North Star (USA: literal English title)
131 Une étrange affaire (1981) (producer)
... aka Strange Affair (International: English title)
132 Hôtel des Amériques (1981) (producer)
... aka Hotel America (International: English title)
... aka Hotel of the Americas (International: English title)
133 Beau-père (1981) (producer)
... aka Beau Pere (USA)
... aka Stepfather
134 Choix des armes, Le (1981) (producer)
... aka Choice of Arms (USA)
135 Est-ce bien raisonnable? (1981) (producer)
136 Un mauvais fils (1980) (producer)
... aka A Bad Son (International: English title)
137 Sauve qui peut (la vie) (1980) (producer)
... aka Every Man for Himself (USA)
... aka Rette sich, wer kann (das Leben) (West Germany)
... aka Slow Motion (UK)
138 Femme flic, La (1980) (producer)
... aka The Woman Cop (International: English title: informal literal title)

139 Buffet froid (1979) (producer)
... aka Cold Cuts
140 Mors aux dents, Le (1979) (producer)
... aka The Bit Between the Teeth (International: English title)
141 Soeurs Brontë, Les (1979) (executive producer)
... aka The Bronte Sisters
142 Violette & François (1977) (associate producer)
143 Barocco (1976) (producer)
144 Locataire, Le (1976) (associate producer)
... aka The Tenant (USA)
145 Touche pas à la femme blanche (1974) (associate producer)
... aka Don't Touch the White Woman! (USA: video title)
... aka Non toccare la donna bianca (Italy)

Alain Sarde

Alain Sarde 's energy on making movies is great than ever .As a producer, because he is also an actor ,Alain has made very important movies either in twentieth century or even still does the same thing now . Any country in the world should have had a non -stop producer like Alain Sarde who continuously loves cinema and its techniques.
There are many international filmmakers who would love to work with him namely David Lynch,Scorsese and Emir Kuturica. Alain Sarde Recent work is a movie about the Tragedy that happenend in Napoli ( POMPEII) Italy .This movie might be directed by Roman Polanski who has already worked with Alain in The Pianist nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture and BAFTA Award (1) for best Film .( Allal El Aloui)

1-BAFTA Award: British Academy of Film and television Arts .