Thursday, April 21, 2016

A book about pop-art in Morocco by Farid Boujida

By Allal Alaoui
Guercif 21/04/2016

                     Yes , not in New York or Paris but right here in Morocco , Farid Boujida , doctor of  sociology in Cinema; has written a book called  popular culture and cinema in Morocco . Farid writes subtly his book referring to the deep culture of Morocco already forgotten and marginalized spotted by some filmmakers like Hakim Bel abbass whom thans to him , non – visual cultures is re-evaluated and filmed  . 
                    In his book, Farid refers to some Moroccan intellectuals who also write about thi popular culture such as Abbdekebir El Khatibi and Farid Ezzahi . Sociology and cinema are related via symbols,icons ,customs unfortunately abandoned by ideology and politics  . Boujida states that thanks to cinema, history writes the glory of the popular culture .