Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rewatch Paul Haggis’s Crash please...

Written by Allal El Alaoui

Why do I  invite cinemagoers to rewatch CRASH for the second or seventh times ? Because it is simply a  brilliant movie based on a good script mastered by the director himself called Paul Haggis.

Ever since Paul has discovered writing in his thrities by his teacher, he writes impressive scenarios such as  million dollar baby directed by Clint Eastwood  known  as a chef-d'oeuvre, primed  4 Oscars in 2005, as for Haggis got the Oscar as  the best script.

Yet, this one i mean CRASH is too well twisted in writing that you feel you are watching an intelligent  film.Acoording Linda seger, a good screenwriter  goes through three major things in writing in order to master  a script ; a time of competition ,a time of excellency and a time of mastering the craft . surely Paul has gone through these elements  and now he is really presenting movie goers via his technique of writing and realization,  a well formed script through which there  is rythm and pace and unifromity  .

Actors have sealed the craft by performing nicely and understanding the theme brilliantly « RACISM IN AMERICA’.It is all about U S citizens who are angry to each other belonging to a different communities either Black s, whites, hispano-americans , Iranaians or Chineses . Obviously , there are racist cops, black and white and White American women angry and unstable in an alienated  society where hatred  prevail.The most difficult part of this writing is how to gather so many protagonists and devellop their psycho in a rythmic story . That is a nice work Paul.