Saturday, June 15, 2013

khalid Akali - The yoke of Tetuan -

Written by Allal El Alaoui

Interesting artistic meeting with Khalid Akali in Oujda last spring . The event was the International Maghreb  Film Festival . Khalid introduces his short film called «  Some of lies » a very original and educational  shortfilm,already  primed  beningly ; the best female role .

Kaliloun mina Al Kadib’ literay means ‘ Some of Lies »  is about a little school girl haunted by lies and at the end ,she finds herself trapped in her lies and she realizes she has taken the wrong path ,which is of lying, and that the truth is a pawerful tool to face life .

Enver since that cinematic event which has taken place in Oujda, i never want to leave khalid especially he  is a man of wit , literature and intellect .What amazes me of him, his deeper  love with Sordou district around  Tetuan from which his novel  is inspired delicately .

Akali talks a lot about his native city ,Tetuan  his beloved white pipeon  and in fact he has written a beautiful  novel  called ‘ Atyaf  Al Beit Al Kadim » ‘Shadows of the old house » in Arabic and it is all about child memories mingled with mysterious characters such as Rakoush  and his charismatic and powerful father ,omnipresent in the novel ,along with other personnalities like women whom through their browdery , Khalid becomes voiyeur and circulates his little body around women beautiful thighs  only to  find out the world of sexuality and sensitivity . 

- Born in Tetouan (Morocco), 11/02/1965
- Continued his elementary and high school and university in the city itself.
- Earned a doctorate at the University of Abdelmalek Saadi in Tetouan 2005
- He is a professor at the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research.
- Writes short stories since 1989
- The publication of several short stories, personal and localized, and critical articles and artistic and intellectual in many newspapers, journals and Moroccan and Arabic magazines.
- Participated in many of the cultural and literary events.
- Won the first prize of the Castillanic Arab story (Cervantes  Institute) 1992
- awarded  by the Writers Union of Morocco for young writers (genre-short story) 1994
- Certificate of Merit education on behalf of the Ministry of National Education (Tangiers) 2001
- His name was issued within the Moroccan Anthology of story short (publications and the Moroccan Ministry of Culture 2005)
- Issued his stories within the 'Manarate' selections from the new Moroccan story, short story club publications in Morocco 2001.
- Member of the Union of Writers of Morocco since 1996
- Founding member of the demonstration 'holiday book' cultural Tetouan in new finery.
- Founder of  Tetouan literary narratives , 2005
- Member of the Standing writing of Tetouan International Festival of Cinema .
-Closed circles, stories, the Union of Writers publications Morocco Rabat, 1995.
-Shadows  of the old house (Sordou district), a novel, library publications Salma cultural, Tetouan, 2007
-Hosni Wazzani multi-creator, study, m c, publications Asmir, Tetouan, 2009
-critic , creativity and reality ... Mr. Bahrawi model, study, m c, Dar Al Ain, Cairo, 2010
-Conscience and the remains of puppets, stories, Sinbad's publishing and media, Cairo, 2010
-Mysticism and monitoring feature stories mysticism in the Moroccan short story from the late forties to the beginning of the third millennium, the Union of Writers publications of Morocco and the Advisory Council for Human Rights, Rabat. 2012.
-Victoria lecomte Hampson, translating novelist, a series of books Nobel, Dar-term, Beirut - Damascus - Iraq, 2013

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