Friday, January 11, 2013

The youth of Benkirane

 writen by Allal El Alaoui

                  we all agree that young people are forgotten completely in a society where egoism and marginalization are overtaken the mentalities of citizenship. No government has yet succeeded to satisfy the needs of Moroccan youth. In contrast of this evidence, Moroccan youth practices all sort of forbidden pleasures such as drugs, uncontrolled sex,”Hrig” literary meaning immigration etc. According to the youth of Morocco, these blissful elements help them to forget their extreme poverty and war so as to look for earthly heaven, and in search of a better life.

               No doubt, the need to express themselves has reshaped in a political way called already the movement of 20 of February. They think through continuous fighting that corruption and fraud should be fought hardly and that the head of state should open high horizons and opportunities to participate actively in economic and social development of Morocco. they desire to be serious and reliable partner in any project and policy affecting both their society and its movement. From this context, new era of expressing their needs has opened many paths especially the use of facebook, twitters and blogs.  These digital tools have become important to confirm their existence.