Thursday, January 10, 2013

The unity of Rabat and Salé prophecied by Ahmed Tayed Laalej in 2020


 Written by Allal El Alaoui

             Ahmed Tayeb Laalej is sealed in our memory. Morocco's favorite speaking arabic actor right after the independence  although "La maison du theatre" was controlled by French speaking people such as Taeb Saddki and its director Pierre Lucas who spearhead  Rabat Theatre house with great devotion and love .Pierre admired the talent of Tayeb and his love of theatre  .Si Ahmed as he was called by his colleagues left his job as carpenter in Fez and immigrated to Salé where he was for the first time settled and later on  he moved to Rabat where he wrote his song about Rabat and Salé .This song was sung by both slawi and rbaty people that time.

             Laaj was a man of wit and exquisincy.Not only he was a poet but he was also a dramaturge and song writer. I went to his private home in Rabat in order to interview him about the unity of Rabat and Salé int 2020 .A time of certainty of two cities that will unite  inoto one sole city ,already forseen by a Fassi artist who had certainly assured his audience  of that  remarkable year for those two cities because they will be metamorphosed into a cosmopolitan city called simply Rabat-Salé.

              Taib Laalej wrote good Arabic and loved Moliere too much that he moroconized his plays and transformed them in televison.He adapted “le malade imaginaire” by Moliere which became in Moroccan slung “Amrid bel Wahm”,Awicha" and “Lalla Abouche” that play had toured Europe performed by national theatre team that  included Safia Ziani, Mohamed Afifi,Taeb Sadiki and Khadija Jamal.These players  were  invited by the king of Belgium to play that play before him. Of course, King Hassan the second was there and they were extremely happy aboet their performance especially its translation into Arabic by Ahmed Taeb Laaj.