Tuesday, January 29, 2013

See the king on the moon by Nabil Lahlou

Written by Allal El Alaoui

                 Nabil Lahlou is a unique artist in Morocco.This is a confirmation not only from me but,and i would reckon from all nearly all critics  engaged to write about arts especially about theatre and cinema.

               My first meeting with Nabil was in 2006 at the International Film Festival in Marrakech.Nabil is talkative,smart but he is full of ideas,full of energy and will.This man could right put you  into your place when you mislead or misundestand actors and cinema-goers in Morocco.He is also a fierce fighting man for the sake of theatre and cinema.He is hoping  to see one day his country free from corruption and fraud and culture will invade minds and souls of Moroccans.In fact, Nabil's movies are mysterious to tackle touchy subjects of a developping country called  Morocco

             I was invited by him personally to see his new movie called "See the king on the moon" whose leading role is his wife Sofia.It is an interesting movie almost an epic one dealing with history of Morocco. it all begins with the 19th heroic figures until our modern times tackling also melancholia of artists and their passion and love for  theatre and movies  .I have decided to go to La Place Des pitries , a middle class area in Rabat where Nabil lives just to have a chat with him  about his film .