Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cinébassamat illuminates Rabat this spring

written by Allal El Alaoui

              The fifth edition of the Film Festival Bassamat , which will be held from 6 to 9 April in Rabat, will be dedicated to the late Mohamed Kacimi.Kuwait will be the guest of honor of the festival with a special tribute to director Mohamed Hashimi.

                In partnership with the Kuwaiti Cinema Club and Film
Palestinian Forum in Gaza, the fifth festival Cinébassamat opens its 2013 official competition, the deadline of the films was determined by the organizers to 8 March .

             "This partnership reflects our openness to other cultures and civilizations to exchange our ideas and knowledge, and create a bridge between our respective peoples. It is also a way to discover the seventh art of Arab and International countries and seek opportunities for collaboration between our filmmakers. Our partnership is based on three axes, the exchange of films, conferences of both sides, the organization of field visits in order to know the potential of Morocco. Thus, the festival is a
strong platform enough to achieve these objectives, including the highlight film talents of our country, said Abdou Haimer, president of the festival.

            Competing short films selected by a special committee which is to meet the criteria imposed by the festival. This year, the theme dealing with visual arts will be added to the various stories of participating films, and in tribute to the famous painter, the late Mohamed Kacimi.

          "By dedicating this edition to Mohamed Kacimi, we pay tribute to this great man of the arts, poet, philosopher and fervent activist for human rights. It is recognition of the festival for everything he has done in this direction. Then, we estimate that through this choice to create a dialogue between cinema and the visual arts, knowing that many film experiments have addressed this issue. This is what encouraged us to take this step, "says the president of Cinébassamat.

       Other tributes are planned for this year, including directors Mohamed Hashim (Kuwait), Abdellah Mesbahi (Morocco) and another dedicated to Brahim Sayeh, the pioneer of dubbing in Morocco, with the organization of a conference on the same theme. "Our festival is a melting pot which can express a lot of young talents. Our goal is to contribute to the cultural and artistic landscape, through which citizen projects fall within the framework of sustainable development.

         We have done a long way starting with feature films (2008, 2009 and 2010) although wa lacked   financial resources. It is also a good choice, since it fits into our aspirations to help young people to make themselves known through their productions, "says Abdou Haimer.