Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Will by Allal El Alaoui on official selection at BIFF

Herbert Gehr
was born 1958, studied German Literature and Language, Philosophy, Theater-, Film- and Television Sciences at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, and graduated Master of Arts. From 1986 to 1998 he was curator, and since 1997 Deputy Director at the German Filmmuseum Frankfurt am Main. 1998 he moved to Berlin, and became an independent producer by working on-the-job. In the following years he worked as head of development and managing director of various film production companies in Berlin, as well as freelancing producer, line producer and script consultant, thus, over the last 14 years having a share in the production of numerous short and and long feature films, music videos, image films and commercials.

An Egyptian Screenwriting Professor at the Academy of Cinema Arts and Technology since 2003. Graduated from: The American University in Cairo with B.A. in Mass Communications 1981.The Higher Institute of Art Criticism 1989.Film Directing from the Academy of Cinema Arts Technology 2008.Wrote the screenplays of feature films A BOY AND A GIRL “, 2009.“THOSE  DAYS “  2009 (SCREENPLAY  WINNING FUNDING  FROM EGYPTIAN MINISTRY OF CULTURE , 2007).“ ONCE UPON A GIRL “ , and“DON’T UPSET  MAMMA “ – (IN PRE-PRODUCTION).Worked as Art Director for two feature films, 2001, 2007.Directed the short film UNDER THE RAIN , 2008.Won funding to direct the short   “BITTER ORANGES MARMALADE”, 2012

Adnan Abou Elshamat
is a Syrian actor who studied French literature at Damascus University. He started acting at the age of seven in Television, broadcast, theatre and the cinema. He left Syria for over seventeen years, where he lived in a number of Arab and foreign countries running some commercial businesses not related to art. His love for acting drove him back to Syria in 1997, where he took part in more than 80 serials and a number of plays and movies. He speaks Arabic, English, French and German and has translated The Pigeon, a novel by the German novelist Patrick Suskind, from German into Arabic.

Awatef Naeem
was born in Baghdad. She is a critic, writer and director. She earned a PhD in theatrical directing from the faculty of fine arts in Baghdad. She is a member in the theatre critics association, which she founded in 1995. She was awarded a number of prizes for directing, writing and criticism from local and Arab festivals; Iraq, Jordan, Carthage, Egypt, Algeria and Emirates. She took part in international festivals in Germany and the Netherlands. She directed a number of plays for the national troupe of professional acting and for the Baghdad theatre professional: Ya toyour, Fouk, Beyt Elahzan, Nesa Lorka, Helm Massoud, Nahnaha, Daert eleshek Elbaghdadia, and Gonoun Elhamaem. She also made Kenz El maleh and Ana wa Gedi Wa eldomi for children. She wrote a number of scripts for TV and production companies and also conducted numerous research papers. As for the cinema, she made Elsayed elmoder, Youm akhar, Karantena, Enahom yaktloun el toyour and Elhegara.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Missing expensive wines or simply be a Moroccan film critic


 Khribga film festival reveals controversial matters as far as film critics is   concerned.Damoun, a respected film critic says something dangerous about the list of winning films .He states, "we know , as we go through the list of films participating in our festivals  and from the beginning who is going to win and who will get the first prize".

            I feel ashamed to hear about this statement and fortunately I do not want to be a film critic, but I am concerned about mentalities of our film critics. Take for example one of the best film critic in France ,Pierre Murat .This French plume admits that he was a bad teacher ,but he tries criticizing films and  now he is good at this job. It is as simple as it sounds.

Why can not Ahmed Boughaba, x-journalist; Omar Ait Mokhtar x-something or simply
Moroccan film critics coming from college and universities admit that they are called just to fill the gap.  They do not dare to that because they do not want to miss Luxury hotels and expensive wines, may be I hope I am wrong

Pierre along with Damoun teach us  how honest they are what is true film critics by just saying that a film critic is passeur between him and the auteur .His role is to discover just little tiny things in films and then he must criticize in a objective way. So many film critics because they lack sense of sharing passions with cinema goers , they try to make ugly views in order to break down morals of good films and that's why many film makers just do not like to follow critics coming from those mentioned before. A film critic must reveal his point of view as far techniques and professionalism of the films seen by him.