Sunday, March 18, 2012

I000 messages of cinema and movies to all cinema-goers

Yes, indeed; the weblog Cinema and movies has until now dispatched 1000 messages of news and information about Moroccan and international cinema .Let’s remember our dear readers around the world that cinema and movies is a weblog based on national and international cinematic chronicles and chosen deliberately to improve technical knowledge of movies .

I believe that studying cinema around the world has always been a difficult task especially for a poor student or let’s say a would - be director .For example, who can not afford to go from north of Africa to study movies in New York, London; Sidney or even in Rome, Central Sperimentale of cinematografia? The answer is no one apart from rich people, relatives and sons of ambassadors, mafia -like people.

Studying cinema becomes a hard job for poor people to go from the south to the north. However, I must tell you that I have met up with an Algerian film-maker who has made things clear by saying to every student .The challenge is within one self. What you have to say and express within yourself does not oblige you to go to anywhere in the world in order to study movies .You only do it in your country no matter how difficult it is.

My weblog tackles not only intelligent cinema but also Moroccan one .It is fabricated to help cinema-goers; cinema -lovers, technicians and mainly film-makers who can not afford to have access to cinematic information such as grammatical film languages and films that have been uploaded deliberately to help technicians and cinemagoers to know more about films and of course Cinema and Movies has the privilege to be the first weblog in Morocco that writes cinema news and chronicles in English not ignoring of course French and Arabic articles sent to me by colleagues and friends just like famous film critic Ahmed Sijilamasi and others .