Sunday, March 25, 2012

From Zero to Cairo and from Al Hokraa to chouala
Al Hokraa to chouala means from bitter indifference to lightness

Yes ; Miss Carmen Slimane has become Arab
Idol and now she is indeed beloved to every Arab in the street even people who do not drink Pepsi-cola, although we have not seen how she wins the game see MSN polls. Either Carmen or Dounia;I think a true artist should prepare himself to lose knowing that Dounia has marvelled us with her sweet and yet soft voice and she could have easily won the game.

What strikes me most in this game is our Moroccan media mean to say Moroccan behaviour towards themselves let alone on artists. Artist in Morocco suffer a terrible psychological sickness called “ Al Hokraa” literary means bitter indifference of our local media see 2M committee which has ignored that marvellous sweet voice of Dounia Batma.Moroccan artists are rubbish bins in their country but mega-stars in other ones