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Fatim Zahra Bennacer between sweetness and rebelion

Kawtar Tali ‘s writing on Fatim Zahra Bennaceur

The public has appreciated you in the role of Sophia, what is the real side of Fatim Zahra?
Fatim Zahra Bennacer: I have a lot in common with Sophia, the character that I played in the TV movie "El Okba lik" by Yacine Fenane. I'm a real rebel, a good living and a person very clear and strict. These qualities clearly characterize my personality and that of the character. As soon as I read the script, I felt a certain complicity with this girl who defies the world, to affirm and live out his passion in freedom and harmony with his convictions. In this role, I felt that it was me, my temperament and my daily life.

Can we say that your talent was officially revealed during this holy month of Ramadan ?
Although I played in several productions, my appearance on television during Ramadan in 2009 has left a special touch with viewers. My role in "El Okba Lik 'is a major step in my artistic career. The public has known me also through "An hour in hell" in which I played a fascinating role, not to mention my participation in an episode of "Dar el ouarata". It has been incredibly successful. I think the timing of the broadcasts led to a wide audience to know me and evaluate my talent. The feedback was satisfactory reason to be happy and persevering in perspective.

How would you rate your record?
I started from 2001. By chance, someone spotted me . I joined the arts. I was lucky to have known a generation of filmmakers dynamic and competent. I walked past the cameras Fadili Adil El, Ezz El Arab Mahrazi, Hicham Jebari, Yacine Fennane and others.These people believed in my skills and helped me out in my spontaneity hidden facets. Today, I can not imagine myself doing anything else.

What about the roles that you have marked?
(Laughter) Actually, I find it difficult to decide. I performed a wide variety of roles that have brought value to my career. Characters that carry with them symbolic humanity. People in their joy and in pain.Social cases who, like me, have suffered but have never given up.

The suffering has forged the artist in you?
Suffering has taught me to see things differently, to assess their true meaning and not waste time in trivialities. The pain made me fighting. I play today, the softness and strength. To summarize, I am a woman with a heart of a warrior.

Tell us a story you'll never forget?
I had to turn a rape sequence in which I played the role of the victim. The actor who participated in my side was credible in his game to the point that I was pulling his own hair, hit me and tortured. So it has invested in the roles that I felt the pain and cruelty of the act. After this scene, I have not stopped crying, as if I had actually been assaulted. Moreover, it is not the first time I feel such a sensation. Every role that I play, I saw him really. I go into a trance of the first "action" at last "cut" production in which I participate.

What are your other artistic vocations?
I love to sing. In all modesty, I have a melodious voice especially regarding music "Chgouri" and "mawals mountain." I aspired to become a singer. I am dedicated to this effect, however, the sets I was bewitched and drawn to them. Today, I have no regrets because I found myself in the interpretation more than singing.

Where do you feel at ease?
As soon as I have the blues, I head directly to Oued Bouregreg. I like to confess here. I found out there, peace and tranquility. Once you calm down, I start my reading session, and then I borrowed a boat and I sail on the Oued. After this short cruise, I take refuge in a movie theater. This is my little world to me.

What are your favorite writers?
I admire the style of Paolo Coelho. When I read his works, I feel an inescapable serenity. His writings represent for me a source of purification, a spiritual guide who feeds my soul. Also, I read the books Mustaghanmi Ahlam, a writer for whom I have great respect.

what ae your projects?
For now, all is quiet. All my love, I carry for my family, my friends and my fans.

A quick note to readers.

I thank them very much for their encouragement. I beg them to stay by my side to support me and encourage me in my career prints with

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