Tuesday, February 21, 2012

تيكوتا في وضع صحي مقلق

The saga of Dying artists still continues in Moroccan media,because simply there is not yet any policy of medical care for our Moroccan artists forexapmale actresses like Mah Mah and Zhor Maamri are still dying without paying atention to them.

Now ironically young artists join boat of death and still no responsible cares for them.these people continue to die like falling paper trees .One of them is Tikota known to be a nice comic and fervent in One Man Show.

He has been suffering out of an illness that he has fortuantely been cured thanks to the help of close friends and some say that the producers of The Al Oula Artistic Soirée called "Commedia Show" have shown some support for our young artist.