Monday, March 07, 2011

Professional training of fiction on Al oula very soon.

Updating training in SNRT is the task given to Khalid Khachan whose efforts go to promote young tv technicians and directors .Now,Drama is becoming the favourite programm love by Moroccan spectators ,Khalid has called INA professional teachers in order to widen imagination of new young directors such as Allal El Alaoui; Raouf Sabbahi; Nezha Karkouri, Yazani Abdellah;Abderrahim gharbal and Hakim Bidaoui.This fiction trainig is soon to be schedulled in Al Oula programmation.

Khalid Khachan comes from an artistic family;his father was a chef - d'orchestre and has worked for SNRT x- RTM for many years along with Abdessalem Amer and El Rashedi.Now; everybody agrees that Khalid is a decent guy who has marked good points to categorize SNRT technicians especially he has gone through many different jobs.

*Direction des productions en charge de la Fiction *
*responsable de scénario*