Thursday, April 22, 2010

Taoufik Bouchaara’s vision on Moroccan Drama.

Taoufik Bouchaara

Moroccan drama may compete with Syrian and Egyptian films .It can, therefore, go further than one can imagine; because its readiness to produce and its ability to create art, craft and artistry which is sometimes beyond imagination in Morocco (see awards given at international film festivals ).Indeed, Morocco has now many talented artists ,filmmakers and producers .

Taoufik Bouchaara, a timid intellectual, is designated to be the director of Moroccan national Drama at SNRT.Unlike recent Drama responsibles known to have hands ironically broken , Taoufik is not talkative, but rather concise and precise in his statement above all, Taoufik knows what he says .It is true this Drama spearheader gives no hopeful, ambiguous speeches nor any spiritual airy promises, but shows an intense will and can convince his audience by stating one or two sentences , handing out statistics and work evaluations. This gives certainly a nice impression on SNRT technicians who are merely impressed by this shy Drama leader, supported already by professional team, Adel Doughou and Mustapha Sobhi.

During the meeting dated the 20th of April between technicians and Taoufik Bouchaara ,too many lucid ideas have been raised namely writing scripts .In this context, Taoufik has sorted out this issue by creating a new committee that deals with studying and analysing scripts. Taoufik has explained his positions as the Drama spear header by announcing a tactical and scheduled work called ‘Contract Establishment” supported by an atelier of continuous work with auteur and auteur-directors. Bouchaara’s assistants interfere to say that Drama work nationally will be scheduled as follows:

- Introducing written scenarios either by auteur themselves or auteur-directors to be analysed gradually and in collaboration with Mustapha Sobhi.
- Following scenaristic procedures such as synopsis, résumé and writing complete scripts, to be seen and followed by Adel Doghou .
The meeting has also raised interesting questions that Taoufik Bouchaara has already answered by declaring that marginalisation and indifference will be vanished and erased from Drama direction and only good quality and efficiency is favourable.

Only “ Ouled Eddar” literally meaning SNRT boys will have the chance to work in Drama ,although SNRT still practises its policy to maintain accordance with private companies which is a normal thing and intelligent one as long as companies give nice products .This issue arises critical controversy among the team of Taoufik and technicians ,the fact that the majority of companies come to EL Brihi avenue to get money and machinery ,but unfortunately neglecting SNRT boys.Taoufik shows no mercy to those who spend national money without giving efficient work.

No doubt that the lucid ideas,the contract establishment and developing ideas that Drama direction has offered is really something new to producers, technicians,auteurs and filmmakers.Companies have to respect timing and consider scheduling works to finalize their products with great efficiency and qualtity.When any product arrives at Dar El Brihi for PAD ( ready to diffuse ) it must be something handsome and good meant to be seen by Moroccan public who is certainly thirsty to see itself via Drama.

Allal El Alaoui