Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cinema with high resolution on iPad .

iPad is a micro-computer developed by Aplle.The Arab world youth targets it with great enthusiasm and will, but will they benefit from its offerings namely reading data like books and utile information that IPad has in its system ?.Global voices questions its readers quoting

“Which category of iPad users do you fall in? And does the iPad serve all users such as for business, entertainment, music, children, intellectuals and media? “
Will use the iPad for reading books, and watching videos, and playing games. No, I don't think that it serves businessmen who will need complicated applications which need a complete computer.”

Soon everybody tweets iPad now in Morocco, although this is a poor country and iPad is yet expensive; 881 dollars. Still, what fascinates cinema-goers is its offer to watch movies in high definition without using keyboards or mouse clicking.
Allal EL Alaoui