Friday, April 02, 2010

Amreeka by Cherien Dabis.

Now, Islamic cinema tackles subjects of xenophobia and racism practiced in the west towards the Muslim world. Of course, this is happening nowadays, because apparently, there is a vicious fight against Islam , unfortunately coming from America.

Recently,Bollywood has produced a fantastic movie called “My name is Khan” starring Sharukh Khan treating the same curse of the twenty century ; insulting and mal -treating Muslims around the world. Now it comes another movie; treating the same thing which is “Amreeka” directed by Cherien Dabis, an intelligent and moving film shot in Illinois.

This is a smart movie talking about a Palestinian woman who goes with her teenager son to America to see her sister; but unfortunately she is trapped there penniless .So she has to work in order to face the burden life that the states is introducing to her knowing that she comes from a colonized and painful country, Palestine .Her son joins school where he faces himself bitter classmates who disguise him continuously.

Amreeka recalls Dabis’s family’s memories of their lives in rural America during the first Iraq War. The film stars Haifa-trained actress Nisreen Faour as Muna, and Melkar Muallen plays her 16-year-old son, Fadi. Also in the cast are Hiam Abbass, Alia Shawkat, Yussef Abu-Warda and Joseph Ziegler. Written and directed by Cherien Dabis, Amreeka was produced by Christina Piovesan and Paul Barkin. Alicia Sams, Dabis and Gregory Keever were executive producers; Liz Jarvis and Al-Zain Al-Sabah were co-producers.”