Thursday, October 22, 2009

International Film Festival for women in Salé" Third version"

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At last, women of image lovers whose passion of cinema is great ,can eventually see themselves in Salé , a popular town preparing itself to be cosmopolitan in 2020 close to Rabat .The Rbaties and Slawies say that Abou Regreg Association should not have taken charge of this film festival as far as the organization is concerned because as it is believed that it can not make it nor has any reasonable means to do so ,but things get upside down in this Sherifian territory known as Morocco .

From the first sight of this organisation , this film festival seems to be missing a lot that is to say and simply speaking cinema-goers can not be found nor they would go to watch movies .So ,why? It is a question that the team of Abu Regreg organisers should answer as soon as possible either through writing,emailing or image .In fact; what happens to media holders or press reponsibles who can not seduce respectable cinema lovers to attend beautiful soirée of cinema - theatres in Salé which are unfortunately empty and deserted ?

The Association of Abu regreg has cinephiles and that is for sure ,yet its will to succeed in organizing women's film festival seems to be more impossible .So many film critic and journalists state that this third oraganisation is more amateurish than professional,besides The team of Abu Regreg does not have that taste to call people of cinema in order to beautify the bad deeds that have been made by the team named above who is totally derailed to have the minimum to sucesss such as having logistic and means to organise film festival for women .

Last time, a Syrian director can not get his award gotten out of the second term, has made an appeal agaisnt the team of Abu Regreg association spearhead by its manager,Abdelatif Assadi ,an incridible cinema "non-lover" .

Friday, October 16, 2009

Three Moroccan journalists prisoned for eighteen months

Justice in Morocco condemned three Moroccan journalists eighteen months prison because according to the judicial police ,these journalists have "published" false information on the health of Moroccan king.National public opinion are really surprised of the severe sentence given to the three journalist who work in Al Michâal, an independent newspaper in Morocco.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Free Moroccan Human Right Activist Chakib El Khayari

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Free Moroccan Human Right Activist Chakib El Khayari - الحرية لشكيب الخياري
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Intérêts communs - Événements actuels
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The sentencing today of the human rights activist Chekib el-Khayari to three years in prison is a stark reminder of Morocco's tenuous and uneven progress on human rights, Human Rights Watch said. El-Khayari, who had criticized public officials for alleged complicity in drug-trafficking, was convicted of "gravely insulting state institutions," and of minor violations of regulations governing foreign bank accounts and currency.

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قالت هيومن رايتس ووتش أن الحُكم بثلاث سنين الصادر اليوم في حق الناشط الحقوقي شكيب الخياري يعتبر تذكيراً قوياً بتقدم المغرب غير الحثيث والمتقلب بمجال حقوق الإنسان. وقد أدين الخياري - الذي انتقد مسؤولين حكوميين جراء مزاعم بتواطئهم في الإتجار في المخدرات - بتهمة "إهانة هيئات منظمة [مؤسسات الدولة]" وجراء مخالفات صغيرة للأنظمة الحاكمة للحسابات البنكية والعملات الأجنبية.


Ce jeune militant des droits de l’homme a été condamné à 3 ans de prison pour avoir dénoncé les liens qui existent entre certains hauts responsables et les trafiquants de drogue dans la région du Rif. On l’a accusé de porter atteinte à un corps constitué.

Il est incarcéré depuis février 2009 dans l’attente d’être jugé pour avoir notamment déclaré que "des personnes seraient impliquées dans un réseau de trafic de drogue et dont certaines ont pu accéder à des postes importants au sein d'institutions de l'Etat", selon le ministère de l'Intérieur. Un autre prétexte avancé par les autorités serait "son implication présumée dans la perception d'une contrepartie pécuniaire en vue de concentrer sa campagne médiatique contre les trafiquants de drogue de Nador."

Ce militant des droits de l’homme n’a rien dit de plus que ce qu’on peut voir sur le reportage « d’enquête exclusive » (qui se trouve en bas de cette page). On peut voir effectivement, sous l’œil des caméras, que les trafiquants de drogue sévissent en toute impunité.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Witty Cameraman called Abdessalem El Manssouri leaving SNRT.

Everybody knows Abdessalem El Manssouri in media in Morocco. a nice guy of vivid imagination of taking pictures either in Tele- films , movies or even cultural programmes.Abdessalem is born in Rabat a place called Twarga where he had his chance to work as a trainee at the palace of former king Hassan second .

Being a professional, Abdessalem believes in dialog either with producers; directors or else .He really gives you the impression that you are working with a precise guy who you can not play with .Abdessalem is talkative all the time and even during filming but he never misses the takes you want. He is a very working hard cameraman .One of things that he impresses me is that he gives you nice pictures of digital camera with nice composition and framing . Abdessalem El Manssouri is leaving SNRT soon because of his age, I mean he is retiring, but who will replace this cameraman of great humour, wit and imagination?

Allal El Alaoui