Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Arab Tv stations blockade " Al Ejtiyah "

Palestine is besieged by the world ,by the Arabs ,by Israel and by Media . Food is unfound. The situation in Palestine is unbearable as its neighbor, Israel still frustrates children of Palestine from milk , bread and medecine.Palestinians are dying and nobody is there to help .Are we becoming sado-mazochists,indifferent and inhumain? Arab regimes also participate also in this kind of weird criminality in the name of staying in power to death ? Blockade carries on through cinema and television especially the majority of Arab TV stations recently refuse to air awarded drama series written by Riad Saif and directed by Chawouki AL Majiri series called « Al Ejtiyah ».

Children of Israel enjoy democracy based on criminality and children of Palestine enjoy culture of death supported unfortunately by the silence of the international community, weakness of Arab regimes and continuous coercion of Israel.Hello,are you listening ?...

Allal El Alaoui

Global Voices: The World is Talking, Are You Listening?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting Extra-terrestre signals through cinema.

When 2001 was screened though out the world, everybody was fascinated about its images and music. Some say that Stanley Kubrick the director has done great efforts to convey human evolution, technology, artificial intelligence, and extraterrestrial life .The movie was a great box office hit .Its story predicts that our world will get a signal from a dark place in the universe.2010 was made too by Peter Hyams to confirm the idea and many science-fiction movies were nearly produced to confirm the same thought especially the recent TV series ,The X-files written Created by Chris Carter. With Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi. Two FBI agents, Fox Mulder the believer and Dana Scully.
May be ,by the approaching of 2010 ,the prophecy may come true and by then our elected president Obama will have to deal only with these mysterious signals that Dennis Overbye foresees in his article forgetting about Earth problems like justice,poverty,war and peace.
Allal El Alaoui

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Public image wisely manipulated by artists .

Does public image exist in Morocco ? it is a question that media artists should ask themselves very often,because it is surely a tool that does a good thing to them.In same ways ,it is like taking an aspirine after suffering from a heavy headache .

Public image is well manipulated in America .May be the word derives from Hollywood Boulevards or from broadway theatre agents .However, to talk about public image in Morocco,one thinks immediately about our beloved artists.We surely like Amal Ayouch,Ahmed Snoussi despite of being rejected by current regime,Said Naciri,Mohamed El Khayari,Eddaasoukine and others .But, do these artists appreciate this word and know its impact in society ? Yes, personally ,I think they do . I remember when Mustapfa Eddasoukine was seriously ill, he was succeful and convincing to manipulate 2M ,and in indeed he made it; knowing that he was indeed ill, but he successfully manipulated media to pass his message knowing that in the past there was no professsional card to hold to help artists for heath care and social coverings .

Do we have rich actors to become philanthropists ? Yes, i think we have rich actors but not philanthopits,i doubt it .I never heard that any actor donates his or her money for the poor like they do in America.In civil society in Morocco it is that actors go around to visit the ill, the needy and homelesss but never give money .It is may be a culture that we will see getting popular very soon in Morocco,the fact that actors become philanthropists .I think public image is related to help people by donating money or opening up horizens of hope .

In America , "Brangelina," stands for the famous Hollywood couple ,Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt .Both actors have become a true icon of philanthropy.They give in the right and in the left and stand up for the needy .Despite of having full support of media,Jolie Angelina, the Oscar winner and former Hollywood eccentric, United Nations good will ambassador and mother of six, relies on herself to make her own public image.At home,we surely have smart actors and actresses,but for the sake of public image; please use your imagination of giving money to the poor and profit from charity journalistic input,you might lat last have brilliant public image in your society.

Written Allal El Alaoui

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi,Europe controls Moroccan cinema via funding.

like business and politics,Fassi men and women invate arts in Morocco and among these people is Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi whose famous movie « Looking for my wife's husband » becomes an idol in the film industry in Morocco.El Massae has made an interview with this film-maker in order to highlight Moroccan cinema during its half century,its pioneers,foreign funding and the remarkable return of cinema of colonization in Maghreb.

How does a film-maker like yourself evaluate the fivety years of cinema in Morocco ?

Abderrahman : Whenever we talk about Moroccan cinema especially its history,we always link our thoughts to its first pionner who is Mohammed Ousfour.But, we should not also forget cinematic esperiences of directors like Lektaa ,El Darkaoui,and Tazi.This era of these film-makers was known right after the independence .In the seventies,we filmed « Oushma » the film that really marks the history of cinema in this country.i also consider 1968 the fundamenral year of professional cinema and these cinematic productions in Morocco you see now on screen are related to this era .

Does FIFM try to evaluate this half century of cinema in Moroco or do you think that the foundation has been unsuccessful to do this job ?

Abderrahman : Indeed,there was the thought to celebrate half century of Morocan cinema.but in general the way of celebrating this event by the foundation especiallay through that magazine of cinema is a little bit ugly namely that this magazine has forgotten some cinematic names . It is unfair to ignore my generation of cinema .It is just unbelievable .

Do you think that the generation of today in Morocco is much more lucky ?

Abderrahman : Yes,i think so.This generation has come to cinema after we have made things easier for them.In the past,every thing was difficult.It is unjust to come and erase our names .Moroccan cinema enjoys dome degree of freedom unlike our neighbors namely Algeria .This country was oriented and forced by the state to tackle subjects of forexcample the revolution of agriculture especially in the seventeen and eighties .In Morocco we were in some way free to work cinematically.
There is another orientation which is more dangerous than the intruding of the state which is the money of foreign countries ,Europe forexcample ?

Abderrahman : It is true. I feel sorry about this fact.Money is important to produce movies, and we observe that some directors just obey foreign directives so as to get money.This way of productions constraints our culture because these directors favor values and cultures of others and forget theirs .It is pitiful.
I am afraid to say that we fall into the dilemma of following France which insists on inserting its culture via movies .This action remains a little bit secretive .At last, the west is keen to see us the way it wants to that’s why we must be careful of this intruding.

Moroccan cinema has been metamorphosed in quality and quantity ,from 15 films per year ?

It is a question that prevails me whether we have produced more films in quality or quantity.We have arrived to produce indeed 15 films per year ,but for whom we are shooting ? Where is the public ,where are cinema-theatres knowing that our movies via box office have reached in the past 800 thousand cinema-goers but now box offices are going far less than this amount ;about 200 thounsand and yet sometimes we feel satisfied and happy about this result.Cinema policy should be studied carefully.

Written by El Massae
Translated by Allal El ALaoui

Fassi derives from Fes, a spiritual town in Morocco

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Europeana ,a digital libray launched in Europe today.

Europe called the old continent, is embedding its images ,documents files etc into digital archives .This is the first site may be coming from the fruit of European unity and that "will produce a prototype website giving users direct access to some 2 million digital objects, including film material, photos, paintings, sounds, maps, manuscripts, books, newspapers and archival papers" .It is really a formidable job that has very important digital documents in which France will take lead in digital library.

Including online the Magna Carta from Britain, the French Declaration des Droits de l'Homme of 1789, the Vermeer painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring" from the Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague, a copy of Dante's Divine Comedy and the Carte Plana de Parte da Costa do Brazil, a map of Portuguese colonies dating from 1784, Europeana will certainly go further than Google ,because this American engine has of course millions of informations ,but not as precise and concise as Europeana,states a journalist .

Europeana begins life Thursday, more than half of its two million items come from just one of the 27 countries in the European Union: France.

Europeana aims to provide a unique service, because it combines the digital resources of museums, libraries and archives of video and audio material. Material is free of copyright so can be downloaded for blogs, academic research or schoolwork by anyone with an Internet connection”.

Il Nome Della Rosa is a novel written by Umberto Eco and made as a movie by Jean-Jacques Annaud refers to a huge medieval library where different dogmas of religion meet to discuss the sacred and the profane, matters of faith and atheism, intellectualism and ignorance, matches this launch apparently .May be Umberto’s vision comes true as Europe is launching its first 21th century library that holds 27 countries.

No doubt, Searchers within Europeana will discover Muslim and Arab influence on European culture before Renaissance times when Popes used to send religious students to be educated at Al Qayrawan University either in a spiritual city called Fes or Tunis in order to taste the sweetness of great and imaginative books from Iraq like One Thousand and Nights, from Morocco Averroes and from Damascus,Al Farabi philosophy .Can Arabs surprise us some day to launch anything like this digital miracle ?

Allal El Alaoui

Lucid ideas may save cinema-theatres from vanishing in Morocco

I do not agree that such ideas like selling gold or jewellery in Marrakech Film Festival can save cinemas in Morocco.But rather i think may be that saving cinemas in Morocco requires more effort and attention.

Our goverment must have a clear policy or strategy to reopen cinemas by may be inserting less heavy taxes for cinema owners,enouraging new talented and skilled cinema film-makers, producing more appealing movies to our modern society, taking care of cinema-lovers like cinema critics ,cinephiles and namely bloggers ,because apparently Blogosphere becomes a very strong communicative tool in the world and the best example is CNN channel whose famous journalist Larry king encourages its viewers by sending their opinions via his blog .

I am not really specialised to save cinemas,i would rather leave this job to the association of saving cinemas in Morocco whose main concern i think is quite noble and intelligent.But instead, what really concerns me is that i wanted to have that sweet and gentle ideas to go to see movies in cinema theatres like i used to have when i was young .At this moment , i am quite happy to view movies via Dvd using very sophisticated image and sound technologies not because i do not want to go to cinemas ,but rather in these cinemas there is nothing to see . Can any director make an intelligent movie that makes me go to the few cinema-theatres we have now ?

Allal El Alaoui
Communiqué de Presse

A l’occasion des 50 ans du cinéma marocain, l’Association Sauvons les salles de cinéma au Maroc lance les 100 bracelets Save Cinemas in Marocco disponible durant le Festival International de Marrakech.

Ce bracelet collector créé pour l’occasion par Nathaly Queyraud, créatrice en joaillerie, est en vente au prix symbolique de 250 dirhams. L’intégralité des fonds sera entièrement dédiée à la rénovation du premier cinéma pilote : l’Eden situé à Marrakech.

Ce premier chantier pour la réhabilitation de la salle de cinéma l’EDEN, débute ce jeudi 20 novembre 2008 en début d’après-midi par la mise en lumière de cet espace depuis trop longtemps délaissé.

L’EDEN accueillera l’avant-première du film «Tissés de mains et d’étoffes » d’Omar Chraïbi. La projection exclusive sera précédée du spectacle de marionnettes animées par les acteurs même du film.

Cet évènement soutenu par l’UNESCO, accueillera les enfants des écoles primaires de la Médina de Marrakech. Une distribution de cadeaux clôturera l’après-midi découverte des enfants.

Retrouvez bientôt sur notre site les images de l’évènement.

«Sauvons les Salles de Cinéma au Maroc»

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cinema and Movies.: Moroccan bloggers,persona non grata at FIFM.اهمال المدونون من قبل مهرجان السينمائي الدولي بمراكش

Global Voices: The World is Talking, Are You Listening?

Cinema and Movies.: Moroccan bloggers,persona non grata at FIFM.اهمال المدونون من قبل مهرجان السينمائي الدولي بمراكش

Moroccan bloggers,persona non grata at FIFM.اهمال المدونون من قبل مهرجان السينمائي الدولي بمراكش

Global Voices: The World is Talking, Are You Listening?

Too many Moroccan websides,weblogs and international cinema*goers still debate why FIFM refuse to invite bloggers,cinema-goers and in sames cases some cinema lovers.Surely,the foundation will have to answer by electronic mails millins of Moroccans who are willing to participate in Marrakech on line...

Naim said...
Absolutely right about this french touch of the festival. But let's take advantage of this wonderful opportunity of cinema.

Nice blog.

xoussef said...
That's silly, the hope of a 100% Moroccan festival. To begin with, i really don't think Dubai's festival is 100% Emirati. Actually it would surprise me to find anything 100% Emirati in Dubai. As for Cairo's festival, with the reputation this festival has for selecting films as a faire-valoire to Egyptian ones.. true or false, I don't think that's enviable.

Cinema is, i hope, without borders. Nabil Ayouch's last film producers are French, the director Moroccan, the actors American, Egyptian, shot in different countries... An international festival is the same.
And even if the management was entirely Moroccan, the festival can't cater to an indefinite number of guests, that's understandable. That a bunch the Moroccan cineastes and journalists feel excluded is normal because they are. As well as a large number of foreign film makers, actors and journalists. It's just that the non Moroccans, if not invited, don't bother to come. Marrakech is not Cannes, if there is not enough incentive, they go elsewhere, and don't protest being excluded.

There is an another festival, and this one is 100% Moroccan, called festival national du film... Different festivals, different aims, different public.

However, to complain about the preponderance of the French in an "international" festival (as in everything else in Morocco some might add) is understandable. Where are the Asiatics, Africans, Americans?

Finally, concerning the selection, the festival specialises in young directors and first or second movies. In that respect Kandicha's selection seems coherent. Does it deserve it? was it the best choice? That's not mine to judge.

7:56 PM

FIFM is a big cultural project,says Ghita El Khayat .

You are an anthropologist, a psychoanalyst and a member of the festival jury .What is really your task ?

Ghita El Khayat : I am here to wear the hat of the anthropologist and also the psychoanalyst.. I am a writer ;i write fiction and i have geat affinity with the world of media.That is to say, i am here only for that reason. I am always here ever since this festival has started ;knowing that i belong to the council administration of the foundation where i also observe its evolution,.This festival represents a big cultural project.It is an opportunity to see the world through Marrakech.In the jury, we represent 9 different nationalities. That means this festival put the world in equilibrium as far as culture is concerned .We are probably going to have animated critieria to choose what is the best movie which means that this festival is a good sign and much more healthy.

What criteria are you going to have about films in this competition ?

Ghita El Khayat : A jury judges whether a director or a commedian is a genius. Personnaly, i will judge the power of the actor, apparently as far psychology is concerned .When an actor performs badly ,the result is quite clear .i will judge the esthetic quality , the colour, the image, knowing also i paint myself;the lighting.There are also subjects that are daily. It is extremely interesting today to see how directors highlight what is going on in order to have guts and courage to screen what they see ...

Marrakech : Myriam Ezzakhrajy
Translated by Allal El Alaoui

Friday, November 14, 2008

FIFM still ignores bloggers and free-lance film critics

Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM), scheduled on 14-22 November, is in its rendezvous today. FIFM is opening its doors to the world, but unfortunately not to Moroccan cinema-goers, bloggers, and free-lance critics and to true cinema lovers.

Evidently, if you go around Jamae El Fna,Kalaat Sraghna main road or even to Guiliz streets, one understands immediately the answer. Too many Moroccan cinema-goers are lost there to find modest hotels in order to have that chance to march on red carpet of the festival and to have that pride as Moroccans to be invited which seems to be impossible under the French management.

Yes, it is true that FIFM was bought by some French people from Paris, but the majority of Moroccans namely actors, filmmakers and cinemagoers hope that this festival becomes 100% Moroccan like Dubai and Egyptian film festivals. SNRT will sign a convention with Arte in order to produce movies in Morocco via television, states Laaghili a FIFM responsible. It is also believed that a Moroccan long feature film called Gandisha, directed by Jerome Cohen-Olivar, unknown name to Moroccan cinephiles, will participate to FIFM 8th edition.

They are "100" by Chris Martinez (Philippines), "Im Winter ein Jahr" by Caroline Link (Germany), "Sveitabruokaup" by Valdis Oskarsdottir (Iceland), "Eden" by Declan Recks (Ireland), "El nido vacio " by Daniel Burman (Argentina), "Flammen & Citronen" by Ole Christian Madsen (Denmark), "Frozen River" by Courtney Hunt, "Prince Of Broadway" by Sean Baker, "Kasky" by Aku Louhimies (Finland), "Il primo giorno d'inverno" by Mirko Locatelli (Italy), "Dixi of Tiankong" by Zhang Chi (China), "Pora Umierac" by Dorota Kedzierzawska (Poland), "Diko Pole" by Mikhail Kalatozishvili (Russia), and "Zero Bridge" by Tariq Tapa (USA & India).

The competing movies at the festival will vie for four prizes, namely the Golden Star, the Jury's prize, best female performance, and best male performance.

Chaired by American screenwriter, film director, actor, and producer Barry Levinson, this year's jury is to include Sebastian Koch(German actor), Joaquim de Almeida (Portuguese actor), Hugh Hudson (Biritish director, screenwriter, and producer), Caterina Murino (Italian actress), Agusti Villaronga (Spanish director and writer), Natacha Regnier (French actress), Ghita El Khayat (Moroccan writer), and Mariama Barry (Guinean-Senegalese writer).

The 8th edition of FIFM will pay a special tribute to British, Russian, Egyptian and Moroccan cinemas.
Allal El Alaoui

Thursday, November 13, 2008

SNRT in red ribbons, a communiqué of SNPM and CDT

Media in Morocco is in the dangerous frontline, where technicians are journalists are imprisoned just for doing their work,states a Danish journalist. "This is a special year to start out 2009 urging the Moroccan government to have a new policy" in which technicians and journalist enjoy freedom of speech for the sake of getting rid of corruption and the abuse of power that some institutions are practicing ...
From this context, a communiqué of SNPM and CDT have been dispatched around the kingdom that on Friday the 14th of November 2008, all employees of SNRT; technicians and journalists will protest by wearing a red ribbon around their arms.

• بلاغ : لوقف التردي بالإذاعة والتلفزة

عقد المكتبان النقابيان للكونفيدرالية الديمقراطية للشغل والفيدرالية الديمقراطية للشغل ولجنة الحوار والتفاوض للنقابة الوطنية للصحافة المغربية بالشركة الوطنية للإذاعة والتلفزة اجتماعا مشتركا لتدارس الأوضاع بالمؤسسة والمتسمة بالانتظارية والتوتر والشعور بالغبن . وهي الأوضاع الناجمة عن التعاطي السلبي للإدارة مع حقوق ومكاسب العاملين . من خلال الإستخفاف بالقضايا المصيرية المطروحة على الشركة والعاملين مع اقتراب نهاية عقد البرنامج في دجنبر 2008 ،والتماطل في معالجة الملفات وتحقيق المطالب ، وعدم الوفاء بالاتفاقات والالتزامات السابقة.
وبعد أن عبر النقابيون الحاضرون في الاجتماع عن إرتياحهم لهذا اللقاء المندرج في سياق توحيد الجهود النقابية لما فيه مصلحة كافة العاملات والعاملين بالشركة , توقفوا عند جملة من مظاهر الاختلال في الجوانب القانونية والإدارية والمهنية والأحوال المادية والاجتماعية للعاملين . وسجل الاجتماع مايلي :
على المستوى القانوني والإداري :
لقد أصبح القانون الأساسي للشركة في وضع المتجاوز بعد تمديد طابعه المؤقت , مما يفرض التعاقد في أقرب الأوقات حول اتفاقية جماعية تضمن التأطير القانوني لسير العمل بالشركة. بينما يفرض تحول المؤسسة وتطوراتها على إعادة هيكلة الشركة بما يتلاءم ووظائفها الإعلامية , والنقص من ثقل الدواليب الإدارية . والتعجيل بتصفية الملفات الإدارية للعاملين في كل الجوانب بما فيها التقاعد .
على مستوى الأوضاع المادية والإجتماعية :
استمرار الأوضاع السابقة بالمؤسسة قبل الانتقال إلى شركة وطنية بسلبياتها , بل والاتجاه إلى المس ببعض مكتسبات العاملين :
* التعويضات : رغم مرور أزيد من سنتين ونصف على الشركة لم يتم خلق نظام للتعويضات يعتمد الشفافية والاستحقاق . وفي المقابل تم تمكين المديرين والمسولين من أجور عالية تتضمن تعويضات قارة .وهكذا لم تعمم لحد الآن العديد من التعويضات التي تهم العاملين مثل الساعات الإضافية والعمل خارج التوقيت الإداري وفي العطل والأعياد والمداومة والعمل الليلي وتعويض الأناقة .... وغيرها . كما أن التعويضات التي تقدم حاليا تتحكم فيها المزاجية والارتجالية والمحسوبية , والتراجع المهول في قيمتها إلى درجة حرمان العديد من المهنيين منها بشكل تام ....


*الترقية : إضافة إلى تراجع الإدارة عن الترقية الشاملة عند الانتقال إلــــى
شركة وطنية خضعت مساطر الترقية للتعطيل والتأخـيرلاستهتار وصــــل
إلى حد تجمــيد ترقـــية فئات المهندسين والمتصرفين وعدد من الصحافيين
... وفي هدا الإطار يأتي تــأخر إعلان الإدارة عـــن الــنتائج الخا صة
بامتحانات الكفاءة المهنية لسنة 2006.
* الأعمال الاجتماعية : عدم اعتماد مشروع متكامل يوفر للمؤسسة بنــيات
للخدمات الاجتماعية في مختلف الجوانب ويــــطور العـــمل الاجتــــماعي
بالمؤسسة , علاوة على عدم تفعيل مقتضيات القانون الأساسي المتعلقة
بالشؤون الاجتماعية ...

الأوضاع المهنية :

النقص الكبير في شروط الممارسة المهنية . إذ لم تعط الأولوية للاهتمام بالعمل الإعلامي بمختلف مقوماته الصحافية والتقنية والفنية ماديا ومعنويا , مما يؤثر سلبا على مستوى منتوج قنوات المؤسسة ,لاسيما مع افتقاد العمل الإعلامي بالشركة للحرية والاستقلالية والمهنية بدءا من اعتماد مواثيق وهيآت التحرير والإنتاج , وتشغيل واستثمار كافة الطاقات والأطر المهنية التي تزخر بها الدار وبالأخص في قطاعات الإنتاج والأخبار .

ومما لاشك فيه أن الإختلالات التي تعيشها الشركة الوطنية للإذاعة والتلفزة ماكانت لتصل إلى ماوصلت إليه لو تفادى المسؤولون التعامل بعقلية ربح الوقت والهروب إلى الأمام وتهميش الكفاءات مقابل التكليف بالمسؤوليات بعيدا عن مقاييس الكفاءة والمرد ودية والبرنامج , وكذا لو تم التخلي عن الإنفراد باتخاذ القرارات وتجميد الحوار وإخضاعه للتسويف مع ابتداع أساليب غريبة في التسيير من قبيل اختلاق لجن موازية تقوم مقام الهيآت المهنية واعتماد توظيفات وتعاقدات مكلفة ودون فائدة وجعل المؤسسة في خدمة الإدارة عوض العكس وقلب أسبقيات صرف الميزانية ..
بناء عليه وأمام الضغط الزمني الذي يتحدى المؤسسة وتفاقم المشاكل والإشكالات واتساع الحاجة إلى خدمة إعلامية عمومية ناجعة , فقد قرر ممثلو الهيآت النقابية الثلاث التأكيد على المسؤولية الكاملة للإدارة في تردي الأوضاع وعلى ضرورة فتح حوار جاد ومنتج ومتواصل , كما قرروا دعوة العاملين لليقظة والالتحام والاستعداد لخوض كافة الأشكال النضالية الكفيلة بتحقيق المطالب والحفاظ على المكاسب .

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Media silenced and the future of freedom of speech is uncertain in Morocco

Global Voices Advocacy - Defending free speech online.

pictures are from

The saga of silencing Moroccan journalists still continues .Last Ramadan , Mohammed Erraji,an independent journalist was arrested to be jailed for two years for his free article on dependency .Two weeks ago,a student was also arrested for his innocent thoughts to show off before his mates “reforming” the moto of Morocco.

Today,a moroccan tribunal has condemned El Massae, an independent newspaper edited by Rashid Nini,to pay off a large sum of money .Everybody agrees that the state of Morocco practices coercive methods against media in order to silence it .However, Morocco, for one, is considered to be making landmark progress in civil liberties in a region where such rights have been virtually non-existent, yet free media has long been suffering under the current regime.

Eyes of great non–government associations such as CMDH,IFEX,Humain Rights Watch and reporters sans Frontiere keep their eyes on this cat and mouse struggle that Morocco is having between its government and free journalists .Still, too many people are hoping that change could happen in Morocco as it has just happened in the other parts of the world, although some journalists such as Tawfiq Boasharein foresee that the future of freedom of speech in Morocco is uncertain because as he states "In the past, the government used its executive power to repress journalists, but today, the government is using the judiciary system to suppress freedom"

Allal El Alaoui

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hollywood of Barack Obama or John McCain

In my weblog allal-cinemagoer,I usually tackle subjects of Moroccan cinema and its artists in general.However,because of the dangerous change that our world is going through especially America’s values and its famous civil rights are now at stake and most important we are going to have a new president who might again intensify war around the world, I just want to say that whoever win the battle to Washington Dc to become the president of The U S A ,Hollywood should reconsider its policy to produce movies of great talent based on dialog , love and especially altogetherness rather on discrimination,xenophobia,hate of Arabs,blacks,Hispanic,women,homosexuals etc.. .

Instead, as I have written before that Bollywood can easily now take over hearts of millions and its box office will no doubt boom out because of the coming decadence of Hollywood. Now that Hollywood remakes Bollywood and vice versa, Hollywood does not have to follow Washington policy that it has just been rejected by many rather it should be free and independent of Mafia-like people either from the influence of extremist Jews or fundamentalist republicans who help ironically “Iranians to become a huge Shiite satellite on Arabs and its petrodollars», states a historian, but instead Hollywood can make us again dream as it has already done during the McCarty’s era, the forties, fifties and sixties.

Of course, Persian cinema is doing well too with the rise of its beautiful movies of Abbas Kiarostami,Mohsen Makhmalbaf and Dariush Mehrjui.May be a sudden Persianwood might itself take over the market of movies which is a good thing for competence and art craft.Yet,still the keys of power are still in the hand of Americans that we implore not to abuse this kind of power, and beg instead our beloved ,soft America kindly to vote for a smart president whose ideas are for change ,peace, dialog and above all, a man who urges us to enjoy that kind of fervour of life and especially to have that great sensation to go to cinema-theatres to watch a human cinema .

Written by Allal El ALaoui