Sunday, November 16, 2008

Moroccan bloggers,persona non grata at FIFM.اهمال المدونون من قبل مهرجان السينمائي الدولي بمراكش

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Too many Moroccan websides,weblogs and international cinema*goers still debate why FIFM refuse to invite bloggers,cinema-goers and in sames cases some cinema lovers.Surely,the foundation will have to answer by electronic mails millins of Moroccans who are willing to participate in Marrakech on line...

Naim said...
Absolutely right about this french touch of the festival. But let's take advantage of this wonderful opportunity of cinema.

Nice blog.

xoussef said...
That's silly, the hope of a 100% Moroccan festival. To begin with, i really don't think Dubai's festival is 100% Emirati. Actually it would surprise me to find anything 100% Emirati in Dubai. As for Cairo's festival, with the reputation this festival has for selecting films as a faire-valoire to Egyptian ones.. true or false, I don't think that's enviable.

Cinema is, i hope, without borders. Nabil Ayouch's last film producers are French, the director Moroccan, the actors American, Egyptian, shot in different countries... An international festival is the same.
And even if the management was entirely Moroccan, the festival can't cater to an indefinite number of guests, that's understandable. That a bunch the Moroccan cineastes and journalists feel excluded is normal because they are. As well as a large number of foreign film makers, actors and journalists. It's just that the non Moroccans, if not invited, don't bother to come. Marrakech is not Cannes, if there is not enough incentive, they go elsewhere, and don't protest being excluded.

There is an another festival, and this one is 100% Moroccan, called festival national du film... Different festivals, different aims, different public.

However, to complain about the preponderance of the French in an "international" festival (as in everything else in Morocco some might add) is understandable. Where are the Asiatics, Africans, Americans?

Finally, concerning the selection, the festival specialises in young directors and first or second movies. In that respect Kandicha's selection seems coherent. Does it deserve it? was it the best choice? That's not mine to judge.

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