Saturday, October 04, 2008

Samar Erriadi archives Moroccan national sports.

Moroccan sports tv channel in SNRT is doing well as far as animation is concerned, but it does not control zapping unfortunately .Moroccan tv sports, Samar Erriadi is popular but not in that true meaning. We take that popular program
Samar Erriadi as an example animated by Said Sadouk which we think it has scored good points as far as watching, and recently Samar Erriadi has aired Allal the x-guardian of Moroccan national sports team.

Said Sadouk prepares well his program backed by a wondeful team, Mohammed Azzahraoui, as co-producer, Kaima Belouchi as assistant ,Maria as production designer and Nour-eddine Bamhaoud as director . Although Said finds difficulty to resist his 2 hours animation in front of camera, but remains one of the good journalists in SNRT.He no doubt devotes all his energy to this sports program knowing that Said started his career as a cameraman, Said Sadouk insists that his works should go first thing first to technical means that he relies on very much.

Allal El Alaoui